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Chapter 1525 - Junjie Is My People

Gu Zhiqian finished his work for the day and returned to the company to have a small meeting with the team. As soon as the meeting ended, he saw Bai Junjie walking alone in the company corridor.

Gu Zhiqian raised his eyebrows, he had just spoken to Guan Meiyi on the phone and that woman was still filming and had not heard anything special from her. Why did Bai Junjie come to the company by herself?

He looked at Bai Junjie as she walked, looking left and right. She deliberately chose a place with fewer people, as if she was afraid that someone would see her.

Could it be that she had something to hide?

Gu Zhiqian thought so and followed her. However, he saw that Bai Junjie was walking in the direction of Cheng Chen\'s office.

It turned out Bai Junjie really stopped at the door of Cheng Chen\'s office, then knocked on the door and went in.

Gu Zhiqian raised his eyebrows. He felt that something was amiss, so he followed her.

He originally wanted to sneak at the door to listen, but Cheng Chen\'s secretary saw him. "Mr. Gu, what are you doing?"

The secretary\'s voice was very loud, obviously to let the people in the office aware of.

Gu Zhiqian was not at all fl.u.s.tered and uncomfortable when he was discovered. He only raised his eyebrows and asked coldly, "I saw Bai Junjie walk in. Does she know Chairman Cheng?"

The secretary\'s expression froze, not knowing what to say. At that moment, Cheng Chen\'s office door opened and the person who opened the door was Bai Junjie. When he saw Gu Zhiqian, he did not avoid his gaze at all, "Best Actor Gu, come in."

Gu Zhiqian did not stand on courtesy and directly walked in. When he entered the office, he realized that not only was Cheng Chen there, but Ling Tianya was also there.

"Xiao Yaya? You\'re here too?" Gu Zhiqian casually sat on the sofa in Cheng Chen\'s office. The only person who dared to sit on the sofa in Cheng Chen\'s office was probably only Gu Zhiqian.

Cheng Chen didn\'t mind. Gu Zhiqian was Ling Tianya\'s friend, so the relationship between him was obviously apart from with the other artistes in Zhi Ya Entertainment.

Ling Tianya nodded with a smile, "Yes, come and see this man who doesn\'t eat properly."

This man who doesn\'t eat properly was referring to Cheng Chen. Recently, Cheng Chen hadn\'t had a proper meal. He either went out to socialize or had something random to eat. Ling Tianya heard from her secretary that he had been suffering from a stomachache recently, so she felt that this was not a good idea, so she got some nutritious food from home and brought it over for him.

In the end, Ling Tao was so angry that he immediately called Ling Tianya, saying that he wanted to eat too. Ling Tianya had no choice but to promise Ling Tao to send it to him tomorrow.

Having too many fathers was also troublesome. She had never seen two fathers jealous of their daughters.

From Gu Zhiqian\'s point of view, Cheng Chen was about the same age as his elder brother, Gu Zhilin, and Cheng Chen had taken good care of himself. Whether it was his temperament or the appearance, they were almost the same as him and Ruan Zeyan. With Cheng Chen and Ling Tianya sitting together, it was hard to imagine that they were father and daughter. No wonder Ruan Zeyan had treated Cheng Chen as a rival.

However, that was not the main point. The main point was why Bai Junjie was here. Wasn\'t she Guan Meiyi\'s assistant?

Noticing that Gu Zhiqian had been looking at Bai Junjie, Ling Tianya smiled proudly, "I was the one who arranged for Junjie to enter Zhi Ya Entertainment. I was also the one who had someone recommend her to Ada. Strictly speaking, Junjie is my people."