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Chapter 1521 - ReaChapter an Agreement

Fang zhenglong immediately told the Gu family the news that Fang Hua had agreed to marry Gu Zhilin, as well as the three conditions that Fang Hua had proposed. He even told the Gu family about Fang Hua\'s last sentence that she would at most commit suicide.

Fang Zhenglong said earnestly to Old Master Gu, "In our Fang family, Hua \'er is the only daughter, and she is the heir of the Fang family and everything to the Fang family."

Old Master Gu naturally understood the hidden meaning behind Fang Zhenglong\'s words. If anything happened to Fang Hua, the Fang family would definitely fight to the death with the Gu family. At that time, if the in-laws could not be formed, they would become enemies instead.

Regarding Fang Hua\'s request for a grand wedding, the Gu family had no problems at all.

As for the other two, they showed some hesitation.

Fang Zhenglong did not force the Gu family to express their stance immediately, giving them a short period of time to consider.

Gu Zhilin\'s divorce was certain, but he had only wanted to divorce his current wife and let her leave, and he had never thought of letting his son leave as well.

This child was the child of the Gu family, so he should live with him in the Gu family. Moreover, not only did Fang Hua propose to drive his son away, but he also could not give him any extra money except for alimony.

This made Gu Zhilin feel very depressed. He had already started to meddle with his money before she even got into the family. What would happen if she was part of the family in the future?

However, on second thought, Fang Hua\'s last proposal was that after she entered the family, Old Master Gu must give him the position of the family head, which made Gu Zhilin\'s heart was alive again. Was that the reason for him to go so much be this woman help him take the position as the family head?

Now, he almost did not have to do anything else. As long as he married Fang Hua, he could become the head of the family, and just thinking about it already made him excited.

Compared to all these, Fang Hua\'s first proposal was nothing. It was also good to let his son follow his mother. After all, living with his own mother was better than living under the eyes of his stepmother, which he had a deep understanding of this.

As for the money, if he couldn\'t give it openly, he could do it secretly. After all, it was his son whom he wouldn\'t just ignore.

With all these in mind, Gu Zhilin thought it through and expressed his agreement to Fang Hua\'s three conditions.

Old Master Gu didn\'t care about the other two conditions, but the last one about the head of the family made him hesitate.

Although, he also wanted Gu Zhilin to inherit his position, Fang Hua now actually made this a condition for her to marry Gu Zhilin, which made Old Master Gu very uncomfortable.

Old Master Gu thought about it and felt that he was the most aggrieved person in the whole thing. First, he was sabotaged by Gu Zhilin\'s little tricks to ruin his original idea of Fang Hua marrying Gu Zhiqian, and now he was forced by Fang Hua to hand over the position of the head of the family.

However, things had already come to this, what else could he do.

Gu Zhiqian was openly together with Guan meiyi, which was equivalent to challenging his authority again. Regarding Gu Zhiqian\'s true strength, after what Gu Zhilin said, Old Master Gu also began to think that he was making a fuss. How powerful could Gu Zhiqian be, as someone who had relied on the Gu family since young, and had no other background?

In any case, the position of family head would sooner or later belong to Gu Zhilin. It didn\'t make any difference if it was a moment earlier or later.

With this thought in mind, Old Master Gu agreed and directly notified the Fang family. The two families then began to discuss the marriage.

Seeing that Old Master Gu had also agreed, Gu Zhilin was relieved. Right now, he only wanted to get a divorce as soon as possible so that he could marry Fang Hua. That way, he would be able to take the position of family head as early as he could.