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Chapter 1520 - 1520: Fang Hua’s Conditions

Fang Hua agreed to marry Gu Zhilin!

Fang Hua\'s parents were still troubled over how to persuade Fang Hua. They did not expect Fang Hua to think things through and decide to marry Gu Zhilin.

"Hua\'er, have you really thought it through?" Fang Zhenglong asked, "Father doesn\'t want you to suffer."

Hearing Fang Zhenglong\'s words, Fang Hua sadly smiled, "I\'ve already suffered what I should and shouldn\'t have. Is there anything worse than this?" Fang Hua walked indifferently to the sofa and sat down. Every time she moved or pressed into her private area, it was extremely painful.

Every time it happened, Fang Hua would curse Gu Zhilin in her heart. She had no memory of what happened last night, but now that she was in so much pain, she could imagine what kind of beastly acts Gu Zhilin had done to her last night.

"Hua \'er...my Hua \'er..."Mrs. Fang walked over and hugged Fang Hua with her heart aching as she began to cry. She had been thinking about how to comfort Fang Hua, but in the end, she was the one who needed the most comfort.

Fang Hua allowed Mrs. Fang to hug her expressionlessly. As she listened to Mrs. Fang\'s crying, she showed indifference toward Mrs. Fang\'s sadness.

Fang Zhenglong looked at Fang Hua\'s reaction and understood in his heart that she had not thought things through before deciding to marry Gu Zhilin. She was clearly competing with him. Competing with herself, with her parents, and with everyone.

"Hua\'er, I know that you\'ve been wronged. Bear with it for a while. When you bear with it, you\'ll realize that things aren\'t as bad as you think, and Gu Zhilin isn\'t as bad as you think." Now that things had come to this, Fang Zhenglong could only comfort his daughter like this, and he couldn\'t say anything else.

Fang Hua\'s eyes turned cold as she said, "It\'s not a problem for me to marry Gu Zhilin, but I have a request. I hope you can help me pass it on to the Gu family."

"Okay, go ahead. Even if you don\'t have a request, I\'ll still make one. I can\'t let you suffer."

Fang hua acted as if she didn\'t hear Fang Zhenglong\'s words as said coldly, "I demand that Gu Zhilin divorce his wife immediately and kicked his wife and children out of the Gu family. Other than the necessary alimony, he is not allowed to give them a single cent!"

"This..."Fang Zhenglong felt that Fang Hua\'s request was somewhat inappropriate. After all, Gu Zhilin\'s wife and children were innocent after all.

Fang hua sneered, "I want to marry Gu Zhilin, as husband and wife, his money is my money. Since it is my money, why should I give it to other women and other people\'s children!" Fang hua paused and continued, "Secondly, I want Gu Zhilin to prepare a grand wedding for me. I want the grandest and most luxurious wedding. I want the whole world to see how luxurious my wedding is and how well I married!"

Fang Zhenglong agreed with the grand wedding. After all, he only had one daughter, so a grand wedding was the least he could do.

However, Fang Hua didn\'t finish, and she continued, "In the end, I request that the Old Master of the Gu family give the position of the family head to Gu Zhilin after I marry him. Since I, Fang Hua, want to marry, I want to marry the most capable man in the Gu family!"

Fang Hua looked at Fang Zhenglong seriously, "The Gu family must agree to all three conditions unconditionally and do all of them. Only then will I marry Gu Zhilin. If they fail to commit to either one of them, I won\'t marry him. "He, Gu Zhilin, can forget about using this matter to threaten me or the Fang family. At the worst, I\'ll commit suicide. I don\'t think the Gu family wants to take someone\'s life for this!"