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Chapter 1518 - What Else Could Be Done

At this moment, the atmosphere in the Fang family was very heavy. Mrs. Fang was sitting on the sofa, covering her face and crying. Fang Hua\'s father, Fang Zhenglong, also had a displeased look on his face, feeling both cowardly and helpless.

"Stop crying. It doesn\'t solve any problem, does it?" Fang zhenglong growled irritably.

"But, are you going to watch our Hua\'er marry Gu Zhilin? He\'s not much younger than you. Our Hua\'er is only 24 years old, such a flourishing age. How can you bear to do that!?" Mrs. Fang was crying harder as she spoke.

Fang Zhenglong looked upstairs and said sternly, "Keep your voice down. Do you want Hua\'er to hear you?"

Mrs. Fang then looked nervously at Fang Hua\'s room on the second floor. She went from wailing to sobbing softly, "This is clearly an internal conflict between the Gu family. It\'s clearly Gu Zhilin is acting on purpose. He just doesn\'t want our Hua\'er to marry Gu Zhiqian. He\'s the one who has ruined our Hua\'er. Are we going to wrong Hua\'er by marrying her off to that rapist?"

How could fang Zhenglong not know about this? It was just because he knew all about this that made him feel cowardly, "Ugh..."

"Why are you sighing? Our Fang family is not the kind that can be trampled on. We will definitely win in court if we sue Gu Zhilin!"

"What can we do after we sue him? Let the whole world know that our Hua\'er was r.a.p.ed by Gu Zhilin? Let the whole world laugh at Hua\'er and our Fang Family? Then, we\'ll fall out with the Gu family and become enemies. Don\'t you know that Old Master Gu loves his grandson, Gu Zhilin? If Gu Zhilin and Gu Zhiqian were the same age, Old Master Gu would definitely match Gu Zhilin with Hua\'er, and it would definitely not be Gu Zhiqian! If we sue Gu Zhilin and let him be brought to justice, do you think Old Master Gu will fight to the death with our Fang Family? When that time comes, it will be endless trouble!" Fang Zhenglong said with a serious expression.

"Then what should we do? Is there no other way?" Mrs. Fang was desperate after hearing Fang Zhenglong\'s words.

Fang zhenglong sighed deeply again, "What other way is there? The only way now is to wait for Hua\'er to think things through on her own. Even for the sake of the Fang family and her own reputation, marrying Gu Zhilin is the wisest choice."

"But... Gu Zhilin is too old for her... And he\'s a dirty-minded villain through and through!"

"So what if he is a villain and he is old? Hua\'er is the heir of the Fang family. It is her responsibility and duty to sacrifice for the family! Besides, although Gu Zhilin is old, he knows how to dote on people at his age. I think he really likes Hua\'er. After Hua\'er marries him, he will definitely dote on her. For no other reason, even if it\'s to get the support of our Fang family, Gu Zhilin wouldn\'t dare to treat Hua\'er badly." Fang Zhenglong paused, "In my opinion, Gu Zhiqian is too unruly, whereas Gu Zhilin is more thoughtful and therefore worthy to be entrusted. Hua\'er does like Gu Zhiqian, but Gu Zhiqian clearly doesn\'t like her. If she marries him, will she be happy?"

Upstairs, Fang Hua\'s room door was ajar, and she could hear the conversation between her parents downstairs. This was the first time in her life that she hated herself so much for being the daughter and the heir of the Fang family.

Until now, her legs were still hurting, and there was a ferocious five-finger mark at the bottom of her t.h.i.g.h, which was left by Gu Zhilin.

Fang Hua felt disgusted at the sight, and she wanted to tear off her own skin!