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Chapter 1517 - Be Anxious and Fearful

What Gu Zhilin had done was not only threatening the Fang family, but also Old Master Gu that he had no choice but to shift his slightly wavering heart towards Gu Zhilin and give up on indecisive towards Gu Zhiqian.

Old Master Gu was very displeased with this kind of threat, but he was also very helpless.

Gu Zhilin had already done it, so it was impossible for Fang Hua and Gu Zhiqian to get together. If they wanted to win over the Fang family, they could only stand on Gu Zhilin\'s side and think of a way to get Fang Hua to be with Gu Zhilin.

As for the position of family head...Old Master Gu looked deeply at Gu Zhilin. He was more partial to Gu Zhilin than Gu Zhiqian, his grandson who had been at odds with him since young.

However, Old Master Gu still hadn\'t figured out what Gu Zhiqian\'s trump card was, so he felt uneasy.

As if he could see that Old Master Gu had something on his mind, Gu Zhilin asked, "Grandpa, is there something on your mind? You can tell me."

Old Master Gu looked deeply at Gu zhilin and finally sighed, "You have to be careful of Gu Zhiqian..."

Old Master Gu slowly told him about the signs of Gu Zhiqian leaving the Gu family, about the top-tier mercenaries who followed him, and about Gu Zhiqian\'s hidden wealth.

Gu Zhilin was shocked after hearing it. He didn\'t expect Gu Zhiqian to have so many things that he didn\'t know. However, Gu Zhilin didn\'t think as much as Old Master Gu, so he didn\'t take it to heart, "Grandfather, I think you\'re worrying too much. No matter how powerful Gu Zhiqian was, he wouldn\'t be able to ride on the head of the Gu family. I think what you said was all because of Ruan Zeyan\'s support behind his back. The reason why he could still have a place in the Gu family was because of his relationship with Ruan Zeyan. Without that relationship, he was just an ordinary actor, nothing! As long as we have the support of the Fang family, we don\'t have to be so afraid of the Ruan family anymore. Firstly, the Gu family isn\'t weak to begin with. With the Fang family, once the two families form an alliance and share resources, the Ruan family won\'t be able to threaten us anymore. Secondly, for so many years, Ruan Zeyan has never been concerned about the fact that we are family friends. He has never been lenient with any of the businesses and projects that should or shouldn\'t be snatched away, and he has snatched them all away."

Hearing Gu Zhilin\'s words, grandfather Gu thought back to two years ago, when Gu Zhiqian had angered Ruan Zeyan with a Weibo post that involved Ling Tianya. He had snatched two pieces of land and a government project from the Gu family just because of such a Weibo post, which was simply too much.

Seeing that grandfather Gu had listened to his words, Gu Zhilin continued, "So, grandfather, as long as the Fang family is on my side, Gu Zhiqian and Ruan Zeyan are nothing to be afraid of. Believe in me, grandfather! I will definitely continue to make the Gu family bigger and stronger. I will trample the Ruan family under my feet and take back all the business that Ruan Zeyan has stolen from the Gu family over the past few years!"

Hearing Gu Zhilin\'s words, Old Master Gu silently nodded. He was old, and he wouldn\'t be able to hold on for much longer. Sooner or later, he would have to hand over this position. Rather than hand it over to Gu Zhiqian, this grandson of his who would never get close to him, it would be better to hand it over to Gu Zhilin..

However, for some reason, grandfather Gu was still feeling anxious and fearful.

Suddenly, Gu Zhihuan, who had been silently swiping her phone, exclaimed, "Oh my god, grandpa, Look!"

Facing the startled Gu Zhihuan, Grandpa Gu frowned, "I\'m not looking, you tell me yourself!"

Gu Zhihuan took the phone and waved it, "Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi are together. This time, it\'s true. He introduced himself in public!"

As she spoke, Gu Zhihuan publicly played the video of Gu Zhiqian introducing himself as Guan Meiyi\'s boyfriend.