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Chapter 1516 - Get a Divorce at the Most

Old Master Gu pull his face long, causing Gu Zhihuan, who was about to speak, to immediately shut her mouth, and Gu Zhiming also had an embarrassed look on his face.

"Since things have already come to this, it\'s useless to say so much. What do you plan to do?"Old Master Gu directly threw the problem at Gu Zhilin. He was the one who had done the absurd thing, so of course, he would be the one to decide how to solve it. He couldn\'t let himself have the reputation of encouraging his grandson to have an affair at such an old age.

Gu Zhilin obviously knew what grandfather Gu was worried about, so he said with a serious expression, "Since I\'ve done it, then I\'ll give the Fang family an explanation. However, the most important thing now is the attitude of the Fang family and Fang Hua. It can\'t be that I still push them even if they are not willing to."

"What if the Fang family is agreeable?"Grandfather Gu asked.

"If they are agreeable to it, then I\'ll naturally be responsible for Fang Hua."

"Responsible? How are you responsible? You have a wife and children now. What do you want them to do?"

Gu Zhilin\'s wife was his classmate from university. At that time, he was so in love that he begged grandfather Gu to marry her. At that time, grandfather Gu agreed to this marriage because Gu Zhilin\'s wife came from a scholarly family. Her parents were both professors in the academic field. Although they were not from a wealthy family, they were not considered low in hierarchy.

When asked how he would take responsibility, Gu Zhilin hesitated for a moment, "At most, we\'ll get a divorce!"

Old Master Gu\'s expression was not very good, but he did not say anything in the end. This was the only way. A family like the Fang family could not let Fang Hua become a concubine. The Fang family would not agree to this at all.

Gu Zhilin\'s eyes flashed with a dark light. Fang Hua\'s father\'s reaction today had explained everything that the had already been agreeable to it. So what if he didn\'t, at most, the two families would have a falling out! However, Gu Zhilin was certain that the Fang family wouldn\'t do this since it was originally a matter where the gains didn\'t make up for the losses.

Gu Zhilin had thought of this, which was why he had done this unscrupulously. As for the wine that Fang Hua had drunk, he had already arranged for someone to drug it. Otherwise, how could she have drunk so little wine that she lost consciousness?

His so-called excuses were full of mistakes. As long as the Fang family was serious, they would definitely find a loophole. At the very least, the empty wine bottles that had been drugged were the best evidence.

However, the Fang family obviously did not do that. For the sake of Fang Hua\'s reputation, for the sake of the harmony between the two families, and for the Fang family\'s future, they chose suffer in silence. In that case, Gu Zhilin was basically sleeping with Fang Hua for nothing, and he had also dragged the Fang family to his side.

The Fang family had suffered such a huge loss, so they had to give them some benefits. At the very least, they had to marry Fang Hua openly and let her marry in a grand manner.

Now, it was up to Fang Hua\'s choice. If she was tactful enough to marry Gu Zhilin, then Gu Zhilin would treat her well. After all, who didn\'t like a young and delicate body. Moreover, Gu Zhilin hoped to use the Fang family to take the position of the family head. Before that, he would definitely pamper Fang Hua with his heart.

However, if Fang Hua insisted on not marrying him, then he couldn\'t be blamed for being despicable. He could only use this matter to destroy Fang Hua and suppress the Fang family. At worst, he would lose this partner of his, and if he couldn\'t get it then Gu Zhiqian wouldn\'t be able to either. In short, he couldn\'t let the Fang family have any more connections with Gu Zhiqian.

Old Master Gu understood Gu Zhilin\'s thoughts very well, and he was also extremely angry at what his grandson had done.