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Chapter 1512 - Actually Followed to the Inside

What did Best Actor Gu say just now?

He said that he was Guan Meiyi\'s boyfriend!

Didn\'t the police already clarify that they were pretending to be a couple?

What was going on now?

The fake act was real, and they were really together?

It seemed to be the case!

Oh My God!

Guan Meiyi looked at Gu Zhiqian in a daze, and she was confused by Gu Zhiqian\'s actions just now.

Gu Zhiqian looked at everyone\'s reactions with satisfaction, as well as Guan Meiyi\'s cute reaction in his arms. He kissed her on the lips again, "Hurry up and go. Isn\'t the show about to start?"

Guan Meiyi suddenly remembered the show and quickly turned around to run into the television station. However, she turned back after running a few steps. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Gu Zhiqian on the cheek, then ran away with a sweet look on her face.

Gu Zhiqian was stunned. He resisted the urge to pull this woman back and stood there with a charming smile, watched her run into the television station.

Outside, there were fans and reporters who were boiling with excitement. But Gu Zhiqian was not affected at all in the inside. His eyes were always looking in the direction of the television station.

Mike walked over and looked at him embarrassedly, "Don\'t look. She\'s already inside. What\'s the point of you looking at the door?"

"Let\'s go." Gu Zhiqian said casually.

"Okay." Mike turned around and walked towards the car. Just as he opened the door and was about to get into the car, he realized that Gu Zhiqian was actually walking towards the television station, "My little ancestor, where are you going?"

Gu Zhiqian did not turn around. His hands were in his pockets as he walked leisurely. "Can\'t you tell?"

Mike was speechless. He ran a few steps and caught up with Gu Zhiqian, "Of course I can see it. Why are you walking to the TV station?"

"To see my woman!" Gu Zhiqian said naturally with an evil smile on his face. The people who were in and out from the TV station were all charmed and confused by him.

"You still have to shoot the magazine cover, have you forgotten? It\'s too late for you now!"Mike\'s heart began to roar.

"Just reject it. I\'m an actor. Why do I have to shoot the cover all the time?" After saying that, Gu Zhiqian ignored Mike and walked straight in.

Ugh... Mike was silently pitying himself. Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi were publicly announcing their relationship, and it was such a lovey-dovey announcement which would obviously set off an uproar.

It seemed that he and Ada would be busy...

The show was broadcast live. Guan Meiyi had already done her makeup and hair quickly on her way here, so the makeup artist only needed to give her a little touch-up. Then Guan Meiyi directly changed to another set of clothes and participated in the live broadcast of the show. Fortunately, she was in time, and the show did not have to make an excuse for her.

The program was broadcast live, so there was a lot of instability, especially for the live audience. It was much more difficult to control than a recorded program.

The show had just started live, and suddenly, the audience was in an uproar.

The guests and hosts on the stage were baffled. How was this different from the rehearsal?

The director of the program was also dumbfounded. It was not until the staff next to him pushed him that he saw Gu Zhiqian walk in.

The director\'s eyes turned and immediately had cameraman No. 2 focus on Gu Zhiqian.

Gu Zhiqian generously waved at the audience and the camera, then stood below the stage and watched Guan Meiyi on the stage.

Guan Meiyi did not expect Gu Zhiqian to follow her inside. Under the gaze of this man, her little heart immediately thumped.