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Chapter 1511 - Let Me Introduce Myself

At the live broadcast of a certain show, Ada stood at the entrance of the TV station and paced back and forth anxiously. The program team staff had already rushed her more than once. She had said that Guan Meiyi was about to arrive, but Guan Meiyi had not arrived yet even it was almost the time now!

At the entrance of the TV station, there were many fans who had come to support Guan Meiyi. Of course, there were also other artistes and fans who had participated in the program, as well as tabloid reporters. At this time, all the other artistes had arrived except for Guan Meiyi.

Ada was not the only one who was anxious, so as Guan Meiyi\'s fans. Especially when they saw a female artiste\'s fans sneering at them, which had made them furious.

The female artiste was from a rival company. She had debuted around the same time as Guan Meiyi. However, whether it was popularity or resources, she was steadily surpassed by Guan Meiyi. Of course, the female artiste was not convinced, so she often openly or secretly competed with Guan Meiyi. The fans of the two artistes often tore each other apart for their idols, but the Guan family usually won. After all, Guan Meiyi\'s popularity was there for all to see.

The live broadcast this time was very important. It was a charity live broadcast and a nationwide one. All of the participating artistes had arrived, except for Guan Meiyi. This time, the fans of a certain female artiste finally found an opportunity to take revenge. They took out their phones and started to browse on Weibo. Some even started to buy internet trolls to lead the pace, the tabloid reporters also started to follow, anxious to see the world in chaos.

Something like Guan Meiyi had no morals, Guan Meiyi was a hypocrite, and Guan Meiyi was acting like a big shot, were all up there for them to look at.

The Guan family\'s fans were anxious and their eyes were red. They eagerly stared at the road, hoping to see Guan Meiyi\'s nanny van.

At this moment, the program team staff came to urge her again, "Ada, why isn\'t Guan Meiyi here yet? Didn\'t you say that she would be here soon? The program is about to start, and she\'s not here yet!"

Now, the staff was also anxious, and their attitude towards Ada became impatient.

Ada panicked and anxiously called Bai Junjie.

The call was quickly picked up, "Sister Ada, we\'re almost here, we\'re here!"

Before the call was cut off, the sound of a speeding motor came from the entrance of the television station. Not long after, a Bugatti supercar drove in quickly, made a sharp turn at the entrance of the television station, and then made a steady stop.

The fans who were guarding the door were dumbfounded. Some of them with sharped eyes, shouted excitedly, "Isn\'t that Gu Zhiqian\'s car! Gu Zhiqian\'s Bugatti!"

As the Bugatti stopped, two more supercars followed closely behind.

Bai Junjie ran down from the supercar behind and waved at the already stunned Ada.

A few bodyguards with serious expressions came down with Bai Junjie, as if to prevent a commotion among the fans and reporters.

Gu Zhiqian opened the car door and got out. He walked around with his long legs to the passenger seat where Guan Meiyi was sitting at, and opened the car door for her.

Guan Meiyi rushed down and did not even look at Gu Zhiqian, "I\'m leaving first. I\'ll contact you again!"

Seeing that woman run away like that, and she was still talking about something like contacting him again!

Guan Meiyi, are you kidding me?

The man pursed his thin lips and reached out his hand to pull the woman back. He hugged her in his arms and kissed her passionately in front of all the fans and reporters.

With this kiss, the scene went out of control immediately with screams kept coming out.

Gu Zhiqian raised his head, hugged Guan Meiyi, and turned to face the reporters and fans, "Let me introduce myself. I\'m Guan Meiyi\'s boyfriend, Gu Zhiqian."