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Chapter 1509 - How Powerful a Kid Can Be

Gu Zhilin said that he would divorce, as long as Fang Hua was agreeable to it, he would immediately marry her into the Gu family.

Now that things had come to this end, this seemed to be the only solution.

However, Fang Hua had caused too much trouble that she once sought death. So the matter could only be put on hold for now, and Fang Hua\'s parents brought the crying Fang back home.

In any case, Gu Zhilin had already expressed his stance in front of the two families, so Fang Hua\'s parents were not worried that Old Master Gu would change his mind about this matter. Now, only Fang Hua\'s emotions had to be stabilized, and herself need to think it all through before the matter could proceed.

The Fang family brought Fang Hua away. Only then did Old Master Gu set his sharp gaze on the few people present. In the end, he coldly snorted, "Let\'s talk when we get home!"

With that said, Old Master Gu left the villa with the support of his entourage

Gu Zhihuan and Ggu zhiming exchanged a glance before following closely behind.

Gu Zhilin leisurely picked up his watch from the coffee table and wore it on his wrist with a smug look on his face, "Little Mom, I\'m leaving first. See you at home!"

With that said, Gu Zhilin left the villa with a smile on his face as he looked at Zhao Huimin, whose face had turned green because of anger.

Outside the villa, Gu Zhilin\'s chauffeur had already parked his car there. He sat in the car with a relaxed expression and looked at the chauffeur with admiration, "You did well!"

The chauffeur\'s expression changed, "Young master, things are a little different from what we thought."


The chauffeur turned around and looked at Gu Zhilin, "Our people didn\'t do anything last night. Gu Zhiqian didn\'t come to the villa at all, so we didn\'t delay him."

"Is that so?" Gu Zhilin\'s expression was shocked, but he didn\'t think too much about it, "Anyway, it\'s not the first time that Gu Zhiqian stood Zhao Huimin up. It\'s not a big deal if he didn\'t come. Let\'s go home first. Grandpa must have something to say to me now."

Gu Zhilin was in a good mood now. Everything was developing in the direction he wanted. This time, there was no hope for Gu Zhiqian to take the position of the family head.


In the presidential suite, the great Best Actor Gu was like a young man who had just fallen in love. Hearing Guan Meiyi say, "Okay", his heart felt like it was going to fly into the sky.

"Guan Meiyi, I\'m a very stingy person. Now that you have me, you are not allowed to look at other men anymore."

Guan Meiyi knew that Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya had made some regulations to follow. At that time, she thought it was funny, but she didn\'t expect that right now, she had just said yes to this man and he already started to set rules for her.

"What you said is funny. In this world, there are only women and men. If I can\'t see any of them, doesn\'t that mean I won\'t be able to communicate with others?"

Gu Zhiqian\'s face changed, and he said firmly, "You can see them, but not for more than five seconds... No, three seconds... two seconds! Yes, two seconds!"

Guan Meiyi burst out laughing, "Why are you so childish like a kid!"

This was a side of Gu Zhiqian that Guan Meiyi had never seen before. In the past, all she could see was Gu Zhiqian who was aloof, arrogant, and unruly. Now he was so childish that Guan Meiyi thought he was really cute.

Now that she thought about it, was Gu Zhiqian trying to get her attention by picking on her all the time? Just like in kindergarten, children would constantly cause trouble in order to attract other people\'s attention?

With this thought in mind, Guan Meiyi began to laugh.

Gu Zhiqian\'s face darkened, "Woman, do you think I look like a kid?" Suddenly, the man\'s hand slowly slid down and pinched Guan Meiyi\'s perky b.u.t.t.o.c.k.s. Then, he revealed a devilish smile, "Then I\'ll show you how powerful a kid can be."

Guan Meiyi,"..."