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Chapter 1508 - It Would Basically Be Hers

Zhao Huimin now had no choice but suffered in silence. Her entire face was as unsightly as if she had eaten Sh*t, and her eyes were wide open as she heavily panted.

Fang Hua\'s father watched the argument for a while, and because of the words of Gu Zhilin and the others, he had greatly frustrated his impression of Zhao Huimin.

Regardless of whether what Gu Zhilin and the others said was the truth or now, just looking at Zhao Huimin\'s brainless expression, Fang Hua\'s father was very disappointed in her.

If such a woman was really able to be the family head and be Fang Hua\'s mother-in-law, who knew how many trouble she would have made.

Moreover, there was no need for Zhao Huimin to expose Gu Zhilin\'s intention after he made the explanation. Fang Hua\'s father also knew that there was something fishy about it. Just like what Zhao Huimin said that he could miss his mother whenever he wanted, but why it just happened to be yesterday? And it just so happened that he, who was standing outside the door, heard Fang Hua\'s voice and just came in out of curiosity?

Also, Fang Hua\'s capacity for liquor was not bad. Why would she drink so much just because she wanted to?

If one wanted to probe further into this matter, it was actually not difficult to find Gu Zhilin\'s loophole.


Fang Hua\'s father pondered for a moment, then looked at Gu Zhilin, "How are you going to be responsible for my Hua\'er?"

Hearing this, Fang Hua\'s face instantly turned ashen, "Daddy! What are you saying! I don\'t want this man to be responsible! I don\'t want it!"

"Hua\'er, don\'t mess around! Now that the matter has already happened, if it gets out, it will not be good for your reputation!" Fang Hua\'s father said.

Fang Hua shook her head in despair, "I am the Fang family\'s heir, I am your only daughter, in the future, the entire Fang family will be mine, what do I care about this lousy reputation for! Even if my reputation is ruined, who would dare to say anything!"

Fang Hua\'s father turned his head and looked at Fang Hua seriously, "Right now, you don\'t care about your reputation, but I do, and the Fang family does! You also said that you are the heir of the Fang family. Your every move represents the Fang family. This matter was a result of you drinking too much. Since the Gu family is willing to take responsibility, isn\'t that a good thing? In any case, our Fang family also intends to marry the Gu family. It\'s just that the person of interest has changed." When he said this, Fang Hua\'s father\'s heart was bleeding. It was such a pity that his beautiful daughter would have to marry a man like Gu Zhilin.

Even so, Fang Hua\'s father immediately made up his mind, "I think Gu Zhilin is better than Gu Zhiqian who doesn\'t do things reliably. Now that he has taken over the affairs of the Gu Corporation, and Gu Zhiqian is just a small celebrity, the difference is between heaven and earth. You won\'t be wronged! It\'s just..." Fang Hua\'s father looked at Gu Zhilin, "You have a family alreayd. If you say you want to be responsible, how can you do that? My Hua\'er is not a mistress, nor can she be a concubine. She could only be your legitimate Mrs. Gu!"

"Daddy! Daddy! What are you talking about... I don\'t want to be his Mrs. Gu. I don\'t want to. I\'d rather not marry in my lifetime. I won\'t marry in my lifetime..."

If he had a choice, Fang Hua\'s father also didn\'t want to marry Fang Hua to Gu Zhilin. If he could, he was willing to take care of Fang Hua for the rest of his life and let her inherit the Fang family in the future, becoming a strong woman. But now, he had no choice...

In short, if it wasn\'t Gu Zhiqian, it could only be Gu Zhilin. Instead of falling out with the Gu family and causing both sides to suffer heavy losses, it was better to become in-laws and form an alliance with the two families to share resources.

Gu Zhilin was much older than Fang Hua, so he would definitely love Fang Hua very much. Moreover, Gu Zhilin was older, so he would definitely be gone before Fang Hua. As long as Fang Hua gave birth to a son, the Gu family would be her son\'s in the future, which meant that it would be hers!