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Chapter 1507 - Vicious Stepmother

Things had developed to this point, and nothing Fang Hua said seemed to be of any help. Gu Zhilin\'s words were reasonable. The only reason he came here was because he missed his dead mother. He did not intend to walk into the villa. and it was only when he heard Fang Hua\'s voice that he curiously came in to see what was going on. In the end, it was Fang Hua who took the initiative. And the only mistake he made was being unable to resist Fang Hua\'s charm.

Gu Zhilin\'s few words completely made himself clean from the crime as a rapist, and at the same time, he also raised his own image. He also paid Fang Hua\'s father a favor and praised Fang Hua for his charm.

Gu Zhilin\'s words seemed to rationalize everything, but Zhao Huimin would not believe his nonsense, "Nonsense! This house has been in my hands for a long time. You also said that your daddy gave it to me when Gu Zhiqian was born. Now that Gu Zhiqian has already in his early thirties, why haven\'t you come to this villa for a stroll in the past thirty years? And you just had to come yesterday! You were the one who knew in advance that Fang Hua was going to celebrate Gu Zhiqian\'s birthday, and then schemed to hold my son. Then, you showed up here and insulted Fang Hua, thinking that you could stop my son and Fang Hua\'s relationship. In the end, it was you who took all the benefits!"

It seemed that Zhao Huimin was not too stupid. She had already figured out the whole story, and because she had figured it out, she became even angrier, "What exactly did you do to my son! He would not bail on me since he had already promised me!"

Gu Zhilin saw that Zhao Huimin had figured out everything that he had done without missing a single word. His expression stiffened, and his eyes flickered, "Little Mom, don\'t slander me. I don\'t know what you\'re talking about at all. I really only came here last night because I miss my mother. For so many years, I have been missing my mother all the time. Besides, how do you know that I\'ve never been here before. I\'ve been here more than once in all these years. It\'s just that you don\'t know about it!"

"That\'s right. I\'ve been here with big brother a few times too! Now that this villa belongs to you, Little Mom, it\'s not right for us to come here openly. You only have Gu Zhiqian in your heart. You\'ve never treated us as your biological children, and you\'re not close to us either. How dare we tell you that we\'re coming to your place!" Gu Zhihuan stood up to help, as she now understood Gu Zhilin\'s intentions. For Gu Zhilin\'s sake and for her own, of course, she had to stand up and speak up.

Gu zhiming was not willing to be outdone, "Yes, I\'ve been here secretly too. There are too many memories of our three siblings and our mother. Ever since our mother passed away, we haven\'t received any motherly love. Even this only memory left was given to you by father, so we could only come here secretly."

Zhao Huimin was about to die from anger at the words of the three siblings. She had been bullied by these three people ever since she married into the Gu family. She had given birth to Gu Zhiqian, but all she had gotten was this villa. If she had known that this villa belonged to these three little bastards\'biological mother, she wouldn\'t have taken it even if she was beaten to death.

But now, the three of them had spoken to each other one after the other, forcefully calling her a vicious stepmother!

"You guys are talking nonsense! You guys... are driving me crazy... I..." Once Zhao Huimin got angry, she would be slow-witted. She wanted to retaliate and curse, but she couldn\'t hold back a single word for a long time.

"Enough! Zhao Huimin, don\'t you think it\'s embarrassing enough?"Old Master Gu scolded Zhao Huimin harshly.

With Old Master Gu\'s scolding, it was equivalent to say that she was a vicious stepmother.