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Chapter 1506 - So Resentful That Want to Die

"Little Mom, you\'re wrong!" Gu Zhilin looked at the agitated Zhao Huimin and said unhurriedly, "Although this is the villa my father gave you when he was alive, he probably didn\'t tell you the origin of this villa."

Zhao Huimin glared at Gu Zhilin. "Don\'t make up lies to fool me!"

Gu Zhilin smiled, "Why would I make up something that everyone knows?" Gu Zhilin paused for a moment, his greasy face showing a hint of sadness, "This villa used to belong to my mother. When I was young, Gu Zhiming and Gu Zhihuan often came here to play. There were even pictures we carved on the big tree outside. At that time, we were very happy. Later, our mother passed away, and the villa naturally passed to my father. And no one brought us here to play after she\'s gone. In addition, the three of us gradually grew up with heavier schoolwork, then we gradually forgot about this place."

As Gu Zhilin spoke, he raised his head and looked at Zhao Huimin, "Later, father married you, and you gave birth to Gu Zhiqian. Father was very happy, so he gave this villa to you. Perhaps father forgot that this villa originally belonged to my mother, but I didn\'t forget, and neither did Gu Zhiming nor Gu Zhihuan. After you got this place, you complained that the decorations here were old, so you tore them down and redecorated them." Gu Zhilin lowered his head, and pretended to be sad. Then he raised his head up to look at Old Master Gu, "Grandfather, I suddenly thought of my mother last night. I thought of the scene when she brought us here to play when we were young, so I came here to take a look. I know this is my little mom\'s place, and the villa has changed. I didn\'t want to enter the villa, I just wanted to see the big tree outside."

As he spoke, Gu Zhilin looked at Fang Hua and Fang Hua\'s parents, "But when I wanted to leave, I heard Miss Fang Hua\'s voice in the villa. I was curious, so I went in to take a look. I didn\'t expect to see Miss Fang Hua, "She was already drunk and unconscious. I had good intentions, so I went over to support her and asked if she needed help, "But she came up and hugged me, then kissed me..."

Gu Zhilin\'s words made Fang Hua\'s face turn red with anger. "Shut up! Don\'t say anymore!"

Gu Zhilin sneered in his heart, but his face still showed a harmless expression, "Although I\'m not young anymore, I\'m still a normal man, "A young, beautiful, and charming woman like Miss Fang Hua took the initiative to kiss me, I tried to resist at first, but in the end, I lost to Miss Fang Hua\'s charm. I couldn\'t resist anymore, so things turned out like this."

"No! It\'s not like that!" Fang Hua was embarrassed by Gu Zhilin\'s words, "I don\'t remember what happened last night! It\'s not like that! I wouldn\'t do that, it\'s impossible!"

However, whatever Fang Hua said now seemed to be very powerless. The empty wine bottles and wine glasses with fingerprints and lipstick on them over the coffee table proved Gu Zhilin\'s words very well. Fang Hua had indeed drunk too much last night.

If she said that she did not remember anything, then she must have drunk way too much.

Gu Zhilin was already secretly happy, but his face remained serious, "Although it was Miss Fang Hua who took the initiative last night, I am a man after all and woman are usually hurt in such things. Therefore, in order to reduce the harm that Miss Fang Hua has suffered, I am willing to take responsibility for her."

Anger filled Fang Hua\'s entire body, and the resentfulness made her want to die.

"No... I don\'t want you to take responsibility! I don\'t..."