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Chapter 1505 - Dirty Thoughts

The more Zhao Huimin thought about it, the more she felt that what she said made sense. Now that she saw how fearless Gu Zhilin was, she was even more certain of what she was thinking, "That must be it. I don\'t know how you found out about this. Anyway, you can\'t just watch Gu Zhiqian and Fang Hua get together, so you have to come out and disrupt the situation! You have to sabotage the situation! You\'re worried that once Gu Zhiqian marries Fang Hua, he will have the support of the Fang family, which will jeopardize your position in the Gu family. You don\'t want Gu Zhiqian to have the support of the Fang family, you want the Fang family to support you! You\'re too evil, Gu Zhilin, you\'re too evil!"

Zhao Huimin\'s eyes were red as she angrily rebuked Gu Zhilin. Her words were equivalent to dissecting all of Gu Zhilin\'s dirty thoughts, and also exposing her own thoughts.

To put it bluntly, she was just like Gu Zhilin, taking advantage of the Fang family.

Although the Fang family knew what was going on and were willing to be taken advantage of in order to marry the Gu family, it would be better if they keep it to the heart, and It wouldn\'t be the same if they were to say it out loud.

However, Zhao Huimin right now couldn\'t care about that anymore. Her mind was filled with Gu Zhilin ruining her good deed, and she hated Gu Zhilin to the bone.

Old Master Gu could not take it anymore. He was even more worried that Zhao Huimin would say more things without thinking. He immediately reprimanded her sternly, "Zhao Huimin, shut up! You brainless thing. Don\'t you find it embarrassing that you say everything out loud?"

Being reprimanded by Old Master Gu, Zhao Huimin was stunned. She turned around to look at Old Master Gu. This old thing, who was still friendly to her previously and spoke gently, now had returned to his previous attitude!

Seeing that Old Master Gu\'s attitude towards her had changed once again, Zhao Huimin\'s heart sank to the bottom.

Gu Zhilin and his siblings could clearly see the change in Old Master Gu\'s attitude towards Zhao Huimin. Their hearts were filled with excitement, and they could not hide their mockery towards Zhao Huimin on their faces.

Since he had Old Master Gu\'s support and Fang Hua\'s father\'s attitude seemed to have softened, Gu Zhilin began to slowly search for his pants, and slowly put them on once he found them. Everything had been tidied up, then, he slowly sat down on the sofa.

"Since things have already happened, I\'m not the kind of person who is irresponsible. I will be responsible for Miss Fang Hua." Gu Zhilin said slowly.

"Go to hell, I don\'t want you to be responsible! I only want you to die!" Fang Hua roared with fury.

"Hua \'er, calm down!" Fang Hua\'s father said in a deep voice. Hearing that Gu Zhilin was willing to be responsible, Fang Hua\'s father was interested in listening to him on how was he going to be responsible.

"Daddy..."At this moment, Fang Hua also noticed her father\'s attitude. She was still fl.u.s.tered, and her hand tightly gripped her mother\'s hand.

Could it be that daddy wanted to marry her to that old man...

Hearing Gu Zhilin\'s words, not only did Fang Hua provoked, Zhao Huimin was also upset, "Gu Zhilin, do you still have any esteem? You already have a family and a child, how can you be responsible to that little girl!"

"Zhao Huimin, if you don\'t shut up, I\'ll kick you out!" Old Master Gu gave Zhao Huimin a final ultimatum.

Zhao Huimin was stunned, but she did not care anymore, "This is a place that my husband gave me, why should I be kicked out!"

Old Master Gu did not expect Zhao Huimin to be so impudent that she dared to retort him, and his old face instantly turned red with anger.