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Chapter 1504 - Come to Mess Things Up

Fang Hua was the only heir of the Fang family. Although they treasured her, it seemed impossible for Fang Hua to marry Gu Zhiqian now.

Fang Hua\'s father had his gaze lie on Gu Zhilin. Although Gu Zhilin was dressed in disheveled clothes and was much older than Fang Hua, he still had a family.

However, Gu Zhilin was Old Master Gu\'s favourite grandson. Now that he had firmly rooted in the Gu Enterprise, the heir that Old Master Gu had always wanted was Gu Zhilin.

The Fang family did intend to marry the Gu family. If Fang Hua married Gu Zhiqian, the two of them would be a good match. But Gu Zhiqian was not favored, so they still had to put in a lot of effort to help Gu Zhiqian to become the family head. However, if they married Gu Zhilin directly, the Fang family would not need to work on it too much. Gu Zhilin would certainly be the family head.

At that time, the identity of the Fang family as the in-laws of the Gu family\'s family head did not change. It was just that Fang Hua would have to be wronged to be with this man who was so much older than her.

As Fang Hua\'s father thought about this, his expression gradually eased up, and he was not as hostile as before. In short, no matter what the outcome was, he only believed that Fang Hua\'s innocence could not just be taken for no reason. The Gu family had to give her an explanation.

Although this was not the old society or the ancient times, if a woman did not have that membrane, she would have to die when no one took her in. However, Fang Hua, this innocent girl, was not someone that others could sleep with just like that.

Old Master Gu and Gu Zhilin clearly saw the change in Fang Hua\'s father\'s expression. They looked at each other from a distance and seemed to have reached some kind of agreement.

However, Zhao Huimin still didn\'t know anything. She was like an ant on a hot pan. She didn\'t dare to face the Fang family, but she still braced herself and said, "Well, there can be any misunderstanding, right?"

"What misunderstanding could there be?" My daughter has already become like this, so what misunderstanding is there! Zhao Huimin, what exactly did you do? Didn\'t you say that you were going to celebrate birthday of your son, Gu Zhiqian? Last Night, my Fang Hua dressed up beautifully and went out in high spirits. She thought that she was going to celebrate her beloved man\'s birthday, but what happened now? Look at the result now! Where is your son! Where is Gu Zhiqian!" Fang Hua\'s mother was a woman after all, she did not think that far ahead. She just felt sorry for her daughter. She felt that her daughter had been wronged, and her heart was bleeding.

What kind of family was the Fang family? After she gave birth to Fang Hua, she could no longer give birth. For so many years, in order to prevent the Fang family from having another child that could endanger Fang Hua\'s status, she had done many things that could not be brought up. How much effort had she put in? Her daughter, whom she had regarded as her future and treasure, had now been defiled by Gu Zhilin. How could her heart not ache.

Faced Fang Hua\'s mother\'s questioning, Zhao Huimin smiled helplessly, "I don\'t know where Zhiqian is either. I can\'t reach him...I..."

"Can this matter just be settled like this? With you saying that you cannot reach him? Then what about my daughter? I understand now that this is a trap that your Gu family has set up for our Fang family, isn\'t it? " Fang Hua\'s mother shouted hysterically.

Zhao Huimin had never thought that things would become so serious. It was only when she heard Fang Hua\'s mother\'s words that she faintly reacted. Her eyes suddenly glared angrily at Gu Zhilin, "Gu Zhilin! Why are you here? Why are you here? It\'s you, isn\'t it? It\'s a trap set up by you! You\'re afraid that my son being together with Fang Hua will affect you, so you came out to mess things up, did you?"