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Chapter 1503 - Want to Kill Gu Zhilin

Zhao Huimin\'s calls to Gu Zhiqian were all unanswered. She couldn\'t get in touch with Gu Zhiqian. She didn\'t know where Gu Zhiqian was right now. He had promised to come, but now that knowing from Gu Zhilin, Gu Zhiqian had never come.

It could be seen from the current result that Gu Zhiqian never showed up. If he did Fang Hua wouldn\'t have gotten involved with Gu Zhilin.

Now, Zhao Huimin\'s felt like she had eaten a fly that was so uncomfortable and disgusting. How did things turn out like this? How was she going to end this?

Seeing that the way Old Master Gu looked at her was getting worse, Zhao Huimin\'s heart began to fall. If she was asked to explain, how was she going to do that?

Fang Hua has a very fierce temper. She cried and glanced at the fruit knife on the coffee table. Then, she pounced on it and picked up the fruit knife and stabbed it in Gu Zhilin\'s direction.

"I\'ll kill you, you pervert! I\'ll kill you!" Things happened too suddenly that no one had time to react.

Gu Zhihuan was the first to react. She shouted at Gu Zhilin, "Brother, be careful!"

Only then did Gu Zhilin have time to grab Fang Hua\'s hands that were holding the fruit knife, "You\'re crazy! Do you want to murder your husband? !"

Upon hearing Gu Zhilin\'s words, Fang Hua was really going crazy, "What husband? Whose husband are you? You\'re a real rapist! You\'re a rapist! I\'m going to kill you!"

Fang Hua was emotional, and her eyes were full of killing intent. She really wanted to kill Gu Zhilin. Obviously, Gu Zhiqian did not come last night. However, it was one thing that Gu Zhiqian did not come, but another that she was sullied by Gu Zhilin!

Now that her body was sullied by Gu Zhilin, what could she do even if she saw Gu Zhiqian again? How could she still marry Gu Zhiqian? How could she still become Gu Zhiqian\'s wife?

It would be better if the man who slept with her last night was someone else. She could still pretend that nothing had happened and continue to think of a way to marry Gu Zhiqian. However, why did it have to be Gu Zhilin? Why did it have to be Gu Zhiqian\'s big brother!

The only thought in Fang Hua\'s mind now was to kill Gu Zhilin. As long as Gu Zhilin was gone, she could still marry Gu Zhiqian.

However, when people were emotionally unstable, they often acted impulsively without thinking. Obviously, all of Fang Hua\'s actions now had not been thought through but out of her subconscious.

If she could really kill Gu Zhilin with one strike, it would be over. The key point was that although Gu Zhilin was old, he was still a man so he naturally had more strength than Fang Hua. At this moment, Gu Zhilin was firmly holding onto Fang Hua\'s hands, and the knife in her hand could not touch Gu Zhilin\'s body at all.

At this moment, the others also reacted and quickly went forward to pull Fang Hua away.

Especially Fang Hua\'s parents. After pulling her down, they directly snatched the fruit knife from her hand.

Now, it was obvious that the Gu family was in the wrong, and their Fang family was the victim. If Fang Hua really stabbed Gu Zhilin and had him dead, then their Fang family was in the wrong. After all, the matter had not been clarified yet. Why did the man who appeared here last night turn from Gu Zhiqian to Gu Zhilin. Was it because Gu Zhilin forced Fang Hua, or was there some other reason.

Moreover, the Fang family was after all a businessman that had experienced great storms. Now that Fang Hua\'s parents had calmed down, the only thing they had to wait for was for the Gu family to give the Fang family an explanation.