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Chapter 1499 - The Oldest Brother Is Here

Zhao Huimin and the others had yet to notice the two people in the living room. Zhao Huimin still had a smug smile on her face when she heard Fang Hua\'s father\'s words, "This house was given to me by Zhiqian\'s father when he was alive. I also like this place very much. Whenever I have time, I\'ll come and stay here for a while." Zhao Huimin paused for a moment with her eyes flashing with light, "However, these things are not to be brought around. They will belong to the children in the future. I think Fang Hua quite likes this place. If the two children..." Zhao Huimin pursed her lips into a smile, and did not finish her sentence, but everyone understood her words, "They can definitely move here. Without us elders around, they can live their lives quite comfortably."

Hearing Zhao Huimin\'s words, Fang Hua\'s parents smiled in satisfaction. Although they wanted to marry into the Gu family, they still cared about their daughter\'s life at the in-laws.

Zhao Huimin seemed to be an open-minded mother-in-law. Whether she was open-minded or not, at least to Fang Hua, Zhao Huimin didn\'t dare to do anything to her.

Fang Hua\'s parents had already figured out Zhao Huimin\'s thoughts. She wanted to take advantage of the marriage between Gu Zhiqian and Fang Hua to be beneficial for Gu Zhiqian taking over the position as the family head.

In fact, Fang Hua\'s parents thought the same. They didn\'t know the real Gu Zhiqian\'s actual strength. They could only see it from the surface that Gu Zhiqian was just a famous celebrity in the entertainment industry. However, no matter how big name he was, he was just a celebrity. How could he be more powerful than the head of the Gu Family?

After Fang Hua and Gu Zhiqian got married, the Fang family would definitely spare no effort to support Gu Zhiqian to become the head of the Gu family. The Fang family didn\'t think it was a problem at all. After all, even without the Fang family, Gu Zhiqian still had the support of Ruan Zeyan, his brother. It was a piece of cake in Fang Hua\'s parents\'s eyes to let Gu Zhiqian get the position of the family head.

Since Fang Hua\'s parents had the same goal as Zhao Huimin, there were many things that everyone knew in their hearts, so there was no need to be too clear about it.

Fang Hua\'s parents and Zhao Huimin looked at each other and smiled. Zhao Huimin immediately acted like the host, "Come on, everyone, let\'s take a seat in the living room."As Zhao Huimin said that, she looked at Old Master Gu, "Daddy, let me help you to the living room to rest."

Old Master Gu looked deeply at Zhao Huimin. He really couldn\'t like his daughter-in-law, but the situation was different now. Even if he didn\'t like Zhao Huimin, Old Master Gu didn\'t say anything but nodded at her.

Zhao Huimin walked to Old Master Gu\'s side and pushed Gu Zhihuan away. She helped Old Master Gu to the living room.

Gu Zhihuan gritted her teeth and glared at Zhao Huimin. At this moment, Gu Zhiming, who had been calling Gu Zhilin from outside, walked in with a worried look on his face. "The eldest brother isn\'t answering his phone. I don\'t know what he\'s doing."

Gu Zhihuan frowned deeply, "Second brother, forget about the elders brother for now. Let\'s go in and take a look first."

However, Gu Zhihuan and Gu Zhiming had just walked to the door of the living room, before they could see what was going on inside, they heard a piercing scream.

The scream was not made by one person but by several people at the same time.

Among them, the one who screamed the loudest was Zhao Huimin.

Gu Zhihuan and Gu Zhiming looked at each other and ran over hurriedly. After they clearly saw the scene in the living room, they were completely shocked.

"The eldest brother, why are you here!" Gu zhiming asked Gu Zhilin, who was in a hurry to get dressed.