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Chapter 1496 - Something Went Wrong

The morning sunlight shone through the villa\'s French windows, illuminating the house while also brightening the mess inside.

Fang Hua gradually woke up from her deep sleep. She moved her stiff arms and was about to sit up when she felt waves of pain between her legs.

Even so, Fang Hua still supported her body to sit up. Only then did she realize that she was sitting on the carpet in the villa\'s living room. There were traces of different degrees of purple and green on her body and between her legs. Seeing these traces made Fang Hua blush.

The clothes scattered on the carpet, as well as the red wine bottles and wine glasses that had fell on the coffee table in front of her. This messy scene and the traces on her body undoubtedly told her what had happened last night.

However, she clearly knew what had happened last night, but there were no memories of it in her mind. I must have drunk too much, Fang Hua thought as this way.

But no matter what, it was good that the goal had been achieved.

Fang Hua turned her head to look at the man lying next to her with his back facing her. Looking at the man\'s back, Fang Hua could not help but frown. Why did it feel like Gu Zhiqian\'s figure was a little different when he took off his clothes.

This back looked much thicker, and there were no muscles, and the muscles in his waist and abdomen were not obvious.

However, Fang Hua didn\'t think too much at this time. She smiled sweetly and leaned on the man\'s back, "Still sleeping?"

The woman\'s sweet voice sounded in his ear. Gu Zhilin opened his sleepy eyes and only then did he remember where he was. His eyes rolled, and he took a deep breath. After he was ready to see the woman\'s expression after seeing him, he turned his head with an evil smile and said ambiguously, "I\'m awake. I\'m not sleeping anymore."

Hearing the man\'s voice, Fang Hua was completely stunned, and she lay there motionless.


This was not Gu Zhiqian\'s voice!

This was obviously the voice of a greasy middle-aged man, and it was also somewhat familiar.

Fang Hua had a bad feeling in her heart.....

At this time, the man had completely turned around, facing Fang Hua. Seeing Fang Hua\'s blank look, Gu Zhilin chuckled and directly pulled Fang Hua\'s stiff body into his arms. "What\'s wrong, little naughty girl? You were so passionate last night. Are you dumbfounded now?"

Little naughty girl...


Fang Hua felt like her brain was about to explode. The greasy man in front of her was actually Gu Zhiqian\'s half-brother, Gu Zhilin!

"Ah!" Fang Hua shouted as expected, and reached out her hand and slapped Gu Zhilin without hesitation, "Why is it you! Where\'s Gu Zhiqian!"

Gu Zhilin was old and after being slapped by this little girl, Fang Hua, his expression immediately became unfriendly, "There\'s no Gu Zhiqian, it\'s always been me! The man you hugged and kissed yesterday was me!"

As he spoke, Gu Zhilin evilly pulled Fang Hua into his arms again. No matter how Fang Hua struggled, he refused to let go of her, "What? I did you so well last night, and now you\'re making a scene? I\'m telling you, it\'s too late! You\'re already my woman!"

"No! How could this be! Why are you the one who came? Where\'s Gu Zhiqian! Where\'s Gu Zhiqian!" Fang hua shouted hysterically. Zhao Huimin clearly said that Gu Zhiqian would come, so why did it become Gu Zhilin now! !

Fang Hua couldn\'t bear such a drastic difference. She was only 24 years old, and she was still very young. But this Gu Zhilin was much older than Gu Zhiqian, who was already in his forties, which almost as old as her father!

How could she become his woman? How could she!