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Chapter 1495 - You Brought This on Yourself

At the Ruan Manor, Ling Tianya was eating an apple as she answered the phone.

Ruan Zeyan walked over, and Ling Tianya handed him the apple that she couldn\'t eat even though she had eaten half of it. The man took the apple, did not mind that it was left from his wife\'s bite and he ate it with joyfulness.

Ling Tianya smiled sweetly at the man and continued to make the call, "You did a good job. You don\'t have to go back to Zhi Ya entertainment. When you come back, you\'ll be very much rewarded!"

After the call ended, Ling Tianya sat there with a smile in her eyes.

Ruan Zeyan hugged the woman who had a smirk on her face, "Is it appropriate for you to scheme against Gu Zhiqian and your cousin like this?"

Ling Tianya blinked her innocent eyes at Ruan Zeyan, "Brother Zeyan, what did you say? Why don\'t I understand?"

It was hard to imagine that Ling Tianya was already the mom of three children with this innocent expression on her face.

Actually, Ling Tianya couldn\'t say that she was scheming against Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi. It was just that she couldn\'t bear to watch the two of them struggling. It was just a piece of paper which would make everyone happy if it was broken into pieces. But both of them were the kind that value self-esteem over everything else. Neither of them was willing to take the first step.

There was no other way, so she could only use a little trick to push them. Otherwise, they would have to wait until the end of time before they would be together!

As for that reckles girl, she was actually a maid in the Ruan family manor. In order to pick a candidate, Ling Tianya had put in a lot of effort, and she had even personally taught the girl how to act. Then, she had Cheng Chen arrange for someone to bring this girl into Zhi Ya Entertainment as a trainee from another company. Initially, Cheng Chen was not willing to interfere with such matters, but he could not help his daughter acting cute, and besides, her daughter was the CEO, so it was all up to her.

When everything was ready, what happened at Gu Zhiqian\'s birthday party just happened.

It was perfect!

Looking at Ling Tianya who was obviously full of little devil thoughts, but pretended to be cute and innocent, Ruan Zeyan didn\'t know what to do with his little wife.

So the man put down the apple, and his handsome face approached Ling Tianya, "What did you call me just now?"

Seeing the green light in Ruan Zeyan\'s eyes, Ling Tianya\'s face tensed up, and her eyes started to wander elsewhere, "What did I call you... Ruan Zeyan... What else can I call you..."

The man was not in a hurry, and he had his arms tightly wrapped around the woman, "Be good, call me again, I want to hear it."

"No!" She could not do that, or else she would be screwed.

"Be good."

Ling Tianya suddenly widened her eyes and questioned angrily, "Ruan Zeyan, don\'t tell me you also like those Loli girls with big b.o.o.b.s? I have misjudged you! I am going to sleep with my son tonight. You can stay alone in the empty room!"

As she said that, Ling Tianya pretended to get up and wanted to escape now. Otherwise, she would be all done.

However, Ruan Zeyan, who had already seen through Ling Tianya\'s thoughts, would not let her escape like that. He picked her up like a chicken and held her tightly in his arms, "Little Sister Tianya, be good. I only like you, I\'m only interested in you! Stop messing around, call me again."

Ling Tianya,"..."

Seeing that Ling Tianya was still not going to call him, Ruan Zeyan carried her up and walked towards the bedroom, "Since you\'re not going to say anything, let\'s talk on the bed. Don\'t cry and beg for mercy then."

Ling Tianya,"..."

Ugh, she finally knew what it meant by \'bring all this on oneself\'.