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Chapter 1494 - So That Was What All About

Bai Junjie walked over and looked directly at the girl, "It was you who bumped into sister Meiyi rashly and almost knocked her into the pool. Sister Meiyi didn\'t say anything. I was just saying that you could have fun but you still need to watch out. Sister Meiyi didn\'t bully you. What was that wronged face for?"

Bai Junjie felt that she needed to make things clear in front of everyone. She didn\'t want anyone to misunderstand Guan Meiyi.

At that time, the artistes who had witnessed everything also came out to help, "Exactly. You were obviously the one who was reckless. Guan Meiyi was already magnanimous enough. She didn\'t say anything and let you have a good time and don\'t take it to heart. But look at you and what you\'re capable of. Those who don\'t know the story will really think that you were very badly bullied by Guan Meiyi. Do you really think that we\'re all blind?"

Bai Junjie looked coldly at those people who were helping to teach the reckless girl a lesson. They were all around back then, why didn\'t they appear to speak up for Meiyi previously? They just watched coldly from the side as the reckless girl schemed, and they watched Best Actor Gu argue with Sister Meiyi. Now, seeing that things had turned around, with Best Actor Gu carried Sister Meiyi and left. They all came to pretend to be big-tailed wolves!

They clearly didn\'t have good intentions. They all wanted to see Sister Meiyi make a fool of herself. In any case, they were not good people!

The reckless girl seemed to have been attacked by the groups all of a sudden. She stood there biting her lips and didn\'t say anything.

At this moment, the reckless girl\'s manager rushed over in a hurry. After seeing the reckless girl, he reprimanded her, "You caused such a big mess when I went to the washroom! I had so many rookies under me. I only brought you here because you\'re smart. However, you actually don\'t know what\'s good for you!"

After saying that, the manager looked at Bai Junjie politely, "I\'m sorry, Assistant Bai. This girl was originally a trainee from another company. She just signed with Zhi Ya Entertainment a few days ago. I saw that she was quite outstanding in all aspects, so I brought her here to see the world. I didn\'t expect that she would cause trouble and offend Meiyi. I\'m really sorry!"

Bai Junjie wasn\'t the kind of person who would argue a point to death. It was good that she had made things clear. She just didn\'t want Guan Meiyi to be misunderstood, but she didn\'t want to make things difficult for anyone, so she waved her hand, "It\'s nothing. Sister Meiyi didn\'t take this matter seriously at all. You don\'t have to apologize."

Seeing that Bai Junjie was easy to talk to, the manager smiled with relief. Although Bai Junjie was a bag-holding assistant, she was still Guan Meiyi\'s assistant and she was usually the closest to Guan Meiyi. They didn\'t have the strength and background as Gu Zhiqian, so they didn\'t dare to easily offend Bai Junjie.

The manager turned around and glared at the reckless girl, "What are you still standing here for! Pack your things and go home!"

The reckless girl nodded sullenly, took her things, and walked out of the club.

Everyone present knew that this girl probably wouldn\'t have a chance in Zhi Ya Entertainment in the future.

However, she had brought this upon herself. If she wanted to step on Guan Meiyi and climb up, she had to be prepared to be smashed into pieces if she failed.

The reckless girl carried her bag and walked out of the clubhouse with her head lowered. She walked towards a small car not far away. She opened the car door gloomily, and after she got into the car, the gloominess on her face was immediately swept away. She took off the wig on her head and took out her phone to make a call.

The call was quickly connected, and the girl chuckled, "Young Madam, I\'ve settled it! Mr Gu carried Miss Meiyi and left!"