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Chapter 1490 - Little Tricks

At this moment, the reckless girl stood there, biting her lips and looking scared, as if Guan Meiyi would eat her up.

However, Guan Meiyi had already told her that it didn\'t matter, she should not take it to heart and have fun, but she still acted like she was scared, and being wronged, which had made Guan Meiyi very unhappy.

At this time, many people had already stopped playing around and looked over. They started discussing in low voices. After all, the matter was related to Guan Meiyi, so everyone always liked to pay attention to it.

Now, those who knew what had happened just now knew what was going on. Those who didn\'t know, or those who had just paid attention to it, thought that Guan Meiyi was bullying the little one.

At this moment, even Bai Junjie felt uncomfortable. She was just reminding that reckless girl to watch out, and she didn\'t say anything serious. Moreover, Sister Meiyi had already said that it was fine, what was this girl doing with a wronged face? Could it be that she wanted to use public opinion to make a name for herself? For example, Guan Meiyi was bullying others?

Thinking of this, Bai Junjie\'s expression turned ugly. She held Guan Meiyi\'s arm tightly and walked forward, away from the pool.

Guan Meiyi stared at the reckless girl. Bai Junjie helped her walk forward, but the reckless girl took two steps back in fear. Guan Meiyi frowned and she didn\'t have a good impression of this girl, "I\'ve already told you not to take it to heart. I\'m not blaming you. What are you afraid of? Am I going to eat you?"

Guan Meiyi\'s tone was light and didn\'t have any aggressive stance.

However, the rash girl\'s face turned pale and she shook her head, "Sister meiyi, no, no..."

Guan Meiyi was speechless, "No what? What did I do to you? Now you\'re acting like I\'m bullying you. If others see it, it won\'t be good for both you and me."

Guan Meiyi felt that since she had said so much, this reckless girl should have come back to her senses. Whether she was really afraid or pretending to be afraid for some reason, it was inappropriate for her to act like this on such an occasion.

She was a newcomer. If she was really feeling guilty and afraid, then it proved that her mental quality was not good. Everyone present was from Zhi Ya Entertainment, and her behaviour was seen by everyone, after that, she would not have any good development in Zhi Ya Entertainment.

If she was pretending to be afraid in order to attract public opinion or gain sympathy, then she was even more wrong. In Zhi Ya Entertainment, no one dared to step on Guan Meiyi to make a name for themselves, let alone a newbie like her. She was a little too daring.

As if she understood Guan Meiyi\'s words, the reckless girl immediately restrained the aggrieved and scared expression on her face and smiled at Guan Meiyi.

Guan Meiyi raised her eyebrows. It seemed that this girl was not simple-minded after all.

Just as the reckless girl was about to speak, the main character of this big party, Gu Zhiqian, walked over, "What\'s wrong? What happened?"

Gu Zhiqian walked over slowly with a lazy look that was unique to nobles. His eyes swept across Guan Meiyi, and he directly stretched out his hand to hold the reckless girl in his arms. He asked seductively, "What happened to you?" What\'s wrong with you? You looked like you were wronged just now. Who bullied you? Tell brother, I\'ll speak up for you."

Gu Zhiqian\'s action caused a commotion in the surroundings. Obviously, the reckless girl did not expect happiness to suddenly fall on her head.

This kind of happiness allowed the grievance and fear that she had restrained to be released freely once again. She nestled in Gu Zhiqian\'s arms and looked carefully at Guan Meiyi, "Sister Meiyi, she..."