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Chapter 1489 - Reckless

Mike was stunned by Gu Zhqiian\'s question, "Your birthday party invited all the artistes in the company. Guan Meiyi is also an artiste in the company, so she naturally received the invitation."

Gu Zhiqian\'s face turned colder, "I\'m not talking about that stupid woman, Guan Meiyi. I\'m talking about that Bai Junjie!"

Mike finally understood why Gu Zhiqian was so abnormally upset. He said helplessly, "Bai Junjie is Guan Meiyi\'s personal assistant. Of course, she\'s at where Guan Meiyi is at. What\'s so strange about that? In my opinion, among all the top notch artistes in Zhi Ya Entertainment, only you, Best Actor Gu doesn\'t have an assistant."

Mike said resentfully. He originally had the second half of his sentence, but he didn\'t say it because he was afraid of upsetting Gu Zhiqian. The second half of his sentence was that because Gu Zhiqian didn\'t find an assistant, he, a well-known manager, had to work like a horse for you every day!

Guan Meiyi and Bai Junjie walked in side by side. Looking at the sensual situation inside, Guan Meiyi was a little reluctant to walk in, "Junjie, why don\'t we leave? I\'m a little tired."

Hearing Guan Meiyi say that she was tired, Bai Junjie quickly reached out to hold her hand, "Sister Ada said that you should just come here for a bit, mainly to promote your relationship with the other artistes in the company. After all, all the artistes in the company who don\'t have prearranged jobs have presented. It\'s not appropriate for you not to come, Sister Meiyi."

Guan Meiyi also knew about the relationship between them, but she really didn\'t want to face Gu Zhiqian, mainly because she still hadn\'t figured out what the strange feeling she had for Gu Zhiqian was, this way, she wouldn\'t be able to face Gu Zhiqian calmly.

Instead of being awkward, she might as well avoid him.

When Guan Meiyi arrived, it was the most lively time of the party, and everyone seemed to be having fun. Whether it was in the pool or on the floor, they were all immersed in a wave of heat.

The men and women, in the midst of playing and pushing around, lost their senses of propriety. A girl was really too excited, so when they were playing around, she accidently bumped into Guan Meiyi, which had the unprepared Guan Meiyi almost fell into the pool.

Seeing this, Gu Zhiqian, who was sitting by the pool, immediately stood up and rushed in Guan Meiyi\'s direction.

However, he had only walked halfway when he stood there with a gloomy expression.

When Guan Meiyi was staggering, Bai Junjie reached out to hug her in time. Then, she held Guan Meiyi\'s hand tightly and said to the reckless girl unhappily, "You\'re just having fun, can\'t you watch out? You bumped into Sister Meiyi."

The reckless girl finally reacted and looked at Guan Meiyi in panic and regret. She was just a small artiste who had just debuted after being a trainee. She had originally planned to get to know some big names through this party, however, before she could get to know any well-known artistes, she had bumped into the First Sister.

Everyone present knew of Guan Meiyi\'s status in Zhi Ya Entertainment. Therefore, because of Bai Junjie\'s scolding, everyone around quieted down and looked at the brash girl.

The girl\'s face turned pale, " Sister Meiyi, I\'m sorry... I had was too excited and didn\'t see you. I\'m really sorry..."

Guan Meiyi looked at the quiet people around her and smiled at the reckless girl, "It\'s okay. Don\'t take it to heart. Have fun."

In fact, the girl was indeed reckless this time. She was facing the pool. Guan Meiyi passed right in front of her, so there was no reason for her not notice Guan Meiyi. However, when she was playing with the people around her, she glanced at Gu Zhiqian who was drinking quietly not far away, so she ignored Guan Meiyi who appeared right in front of her.