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Chapter 1487 - Overheard

A passionate symphony was playing in Gu Zhilin\'s study, and Gu Zhilin sat on the sofa, with his hands and feet undulating with the music. His eyes were slightly closed, and his face showed an expression of appreciation and enjoyment. The teacup beside his hand was still steaming.

The symphony was so loud that Gu Zhilin could not hear the servant knocking on the door for a long time.

In the end, the servant had to knock on the door so powerful that it finally disturbed Gu Zhilin, who was immersed in the symphony. The man frowned unhappily and turned off the music, "Come in!"

The servant could hear the displeasure in Gu Zhilin\'s voice. He walked in with a smile and saw the cold-faced Gu Zhilin.

"What\'s the matter? Why did you have to come when I was listening to the music?" Gu Zhilin said unhappily.

Actually, Gu Zhilin did not have much research or love for symphonies. He listened to symphonies every day just to put on an upper-class attitude, and also to gain extra points for his self-display. After all, who else in the upper-class society did not have high-standard hobbies.

The servant looked at Gu Zhilin with fear and trepidation, "Young Master, you asked me to watch over Zhao Huimin and came back to you as soon as there\'s any movement."

Hearing this, Gu Zhilin\'s eyes lit up, "You mean, something is going on at Zhao Huimin\'s side?"

"Yes..." The servant nodded and repeated what she had overheard to Gu Zhilin.

After hearing this, Gu Zhilin excitedly stood up from the sofa. Then he felt that he was overreacted with the servant still present, so Gu Zhilin took a deep breath and waved at the servant, "You\'ve done well. Go out first."

After the servant left, Gu Zhilin picked up his phone and dialed his assistant\'s number. "Keep an eye on Gu Zhiqian Tomorrow!"

Gu Zhilin\'s eyes sparkled. Zhao Huimin thought well and wanted to use Gu Zhiqian\'s birthday to achieve her goal, but she didn\'t even ask if Gu Zhilin would agree.

The position of the Gu family head could only belong to him, Gu Zhilin! He was the legitimate descendant of the Gu family. and Gu Zhiqian was nothing!


Gu Zhiqian\'s birthday party was held in a private clubhouse. Because of Gu Zhiqian\'s position as the First Actor in Zhi Ya Entertainment, all the artists who didn\'t have work on that day basically came to attend.

It follows the style of Gu Zhiqian\'s birthday parties in the past, the swimming pool, fine wine, as well as all kinds of handsome men and pretty women, the unbridled music, and the swaying right into their hearts, and Zhi Ya Entertainment would bear all the costs.

All the people who came to the party were very excited because it was a rare opportunity for everyone to get together. And today was also a good day for the newcomers who had just debuted to get close to the big names of the top notch celebrities, and the powerful managers in the company. These were people that they could never reach in the past.

Compared to the celebrities who came to attend the birthday party, Gu Zhiqian, who was the main host today, was a lot more dispirited. He sat alone on the recliner by the pool with a glass of wine in his hand, drinking alone. He would not even blink even if so many beautiful women in bikinis passed by him.

Mike came over with a glass of wine and sat beside Gu Zhiqian, "What are you doing? Everyone is celebrating your birthday, why are you still here moping?"

Gu Zhiqian glanced at the group of people who were having fun, "It\'s like this every year, what\'s there to be happy about?"