Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1486 - It Is All Up to You When the Time Comes

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Chapter 1486 - It Is All Up to You When the Time Comes

Just as Gu Zhiqian was watching Guan Meiyi and Bai Junjie get into the nanny van and leave, his phone started ringing.

Looking at his mother\'s name on the caller ID, Gu Zhiqian adjusted his breathing and picked up the phone.

Zhao Huimin\'s voice came from the other end of the phone, "Son, are you busy?"

"No, what\'s the matter?"

Zhao Huimin was stunned after hearing Gu Zhiqian\'s voice. She could clearly sense that Gu Zhiqian was not in a good mood, so Zhao Huimin calmed down and organized her words, "Son, have you been too busy with work recently with too much pressure?"

"It\'s okay." Gu Zhiqian was now in a bad mood, so his tone was naturally annoyed. However, it was his biological mother on the other end, even if Gu Zhiqian was unhappy, he restrained himself from venting his anger on his mother.

"Are you still lying? You must be too busy, so you forgot such an important day tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Gu Zhiqian frowned, "What about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is your birthday!"

Hearing Zhao Huimin\'s words, Gu Zhiqian now remembered that tomorrow was his lunar birthday. Just now in the lounge, Mike seemed to have said that the company was going to hold a big birthday party for him. But he was completely focused on listening to the conversations of the girls outside at that moment, so he didn\'t care about it at all.

"Mn, what\'s Wrong?" Gu Zhiqian didn\'t have the slightest bit of anticipation and excitement about his birthday. First of all, he was already a grown-up, it was not like he was a child looking forward to his birthday present. Secondly, every year, his birthday was almost the same, which was either a fan meet-up or a company birthday party. It was the same thing all the time.

"What\'s wrong? It\'s my son\'s birthday and mom\'s suffering day. Do you think you should spend it with me tomorrow?" Zhao Huimin\'s voice was full of expectations.

Gu Zhiqian couldn\'t say no to Zhao Huimin\'s words about the mom\'s suffering day.

Gu Zhiqian took one last look out of the window, then turned around and walked toward the lounge, "The company is going to hold a birthday party for me tomorrow, so the time might be... why don\'t you come to the birthday party?"

"I won\'t participate in your young people\'s party. It\'s too noisy. I can\'t stand it. How about this? Let\'s see if the birthday party can be held earlier and finished earlier. Then you can come to mom\'s and mom will celebrate it for you!" Zhao Huimin paused, "Son, in the entire world, there\'s no one who cares more about your birthday than your mom, me."

For so many years, Zhao Huimin had never cared about Gu Zhiqian\'s birthday. This year, she suddenly said such words, which actually made Gu Zhiqian feel a little touched.

Without waiting for Gu Zhiqian\'s reply, Zhao Huimin continued, "Mom knows that you don\'t want to come back to the mansion to see Gu Zhilin and the others. Mom has already thought it through. We\'ll celebrate your birthday outside. Mom has a villa in the north of the city, right? I\'ve already asked someone to clean it up, so we\'ll spend the day there tomorrow! When the time comes, you should eat less at the company party, since mom will cook a few dishes for you. What do you think?"

Gu Zhiqian could not remember how long it had been since he ate Zhao Huimin\'s personally cooked dishes, so he agreed. "Okay."


In the Gu family\'s mansion, Zhao Huimin ended the call with Gu Zhiqian and immediately called Fang Hua, "Fang Hua! Zhiqian has already agreed! He will be at the villa at around nine o\'clock tomorrow night. When that time comes, it\'s all up to you!"