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Chapter 1482 - Everything is Impossible

Zhao Huimin\'s expression changed after hearing Fang Hua\'s words, and she cursed Fang Hua in her heart.

If Fang Hua had not helped Gu Zhiqian to become the head of the Gu family, she would not have fawned on this woman like a lapdog!

"Fang Hua, Auntie knows that you were wronged last night. However, we have all misunderstood Zhiqian. The matter between him and Guan Meiyi is fake. They are not a real couple, they are just pretending to cooperate with the police to catch the murderer. Now that the police have publicly clarified this matter, and Guan Meiyi has confirmed the police\'s statement which said that she and Zhiqian have always been acting, it is not true!"

No matter how much she hated Fang Hua\'s disrespectful attitude towards her, Zhao Huimin still endured it and spoke nicely to Fang Hua.

Last Night, Fang Hua was angry, so she locked herself in her room, drinking and sulking when she got home. It was also because of the passionate kiss between Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi that she was seriously provoked, so she drank too much and slept until noon today.

After waking up, she simply tidied up and came to have afternoon tea. She didn\'t pay any attention to the internet at all.

Hearing Zhao Huimin\'s words, Fang Hua suddenly quivered and looked at the girl in the white dress, "Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi are pretending to be a couple?"

Seeing Fang Hua ask her about this, the girl in the white dress could only nod her head in sorrow.

Ugh, if only they were really together...

Fang Hua didn\'t have the time to care about the white-dressed girl\'s reaction and expression. She was directly shocked by the news. If Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi were pretending to be a couple... Did that mean that she still had a chance?

Fang Hua and Zhao Huimin thought of the same thing.

"Auntie, it\'s not easy for Zhiqian to go through such a thing!" Fang Hua\'s attitude towards Zhao Huimin changed after hearing this news.

Hearing Fang Hua\'s softened tone, Zhao Huimin smiled, "It\'s not easy. Didn\'t Auntie come to tell you as soon as I found out about this news? You also know that Auntie has always wanted you to be my daughter-in-law. Now, even if Guan Meiyi and Zhiqian are real, I will never let her marry into our Gu family." Zhao Huimin paused for a bit and continued, "So, Fang Hua, don\'t worry. The Gu family will marry you no matter what!"

Zhao Huimin\'s words made Fang Hua\'s face glowing, "But what about Gu Zhiqian? He seems to be very reluctant to come into contact with me."

Fang Hua felt uncomfortable thinking about this. She could not care too much about Gu Zhiqian\'s past and only looked into the future with him, but at first, there should be a future for her to look forward.

Zhao Huimin smiled, "I know my son the best. Don\'t look at his usual coldness, and the endless luck in love falling for him as they are all fake. He has never been in a serious relationship, so he probably doesn\'t know how to get along with girls seriously. If you do this, Auntie has thought of a way, but you may have to sacrifice some. However, once we succeed, you won\'t be far from capturing Zhiqian\'s heart."

Fang Hua didn\'t expect that Gu Zhiqian had never been in a serious relationship before. Hearing Zhao Huimin say this again, her thoughts immediately became lively.

In the Gu family\'s mansion, Zhao Huimin was somewhat delirious as she called Fang Hua and told her about her so-called method.

However, she didn\'t know that every word she said was heard by Gu Zhilin who was hiding in the back.

Gu Zhilin sneered. Zhao Huimin actually wanted to let Fang Hua and Gu Zhiqian do the things that could not be undone?

It was impossible. As long as he, Gu Zhilin, was around, everything was impossible!