Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1481 - Looking in the Eyes, You Are The Right Person!

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Chapter 1481 - Looking in the Eyes, You Are The Right Person!

In the flower room of a certain afternoon tea room, the sun was soft and the air was fragrant. This was where many socialites chose to drink afternoon tea and kill the time.

Now, there were a few young ladies sitting together drinking tea and chatting. One of the short-haired ladies was browsing Weibo and lightly sighed, "Ugh... so it turns out that Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi are fake..."

"What? You sound disappointed?"

The girl nodded slightly, "I think it\'s a pity. They look quite a good match."

"Wow, that\'s weird. Didn\'t you always hate Guan Meiyi?"

To talk about the past, the girl glared awkwardly, "Who said I hate Guan Meiyi? I just... I just... didn\'t like her that much."

"So, you like her now?"

The girl looked at her phone sullenly and didn\'t answer. This girl was none other than the girl in the white dress who had followed Fang Hua at the c.o.c.ktail party and insulted Guan Meiyi.

Ever since she was shocked by Guan Meiyi\'s glance at her at the c.o.c.ktail party, she didn\'t sleep the whole night but browsing Guan Meiyi\'s movies and Weibo.

After learning that Guan Meiyi was kidnapped and that Gu Zhiqian was speeding, she was in her pajamas, and followed the rest of the group to the place where Guan Meiyi was kidnapped.

That\'s right. Among the many fans and passersby that night, there was a woman-in-white-dress, wearing her pajamas.

She saw Gu Zhiqian help Guan Meiyi out with her own eyes. When she saw the blood on Guan Meiyi\'s neck, she almost cried out in excitement.

She had never thought that she would one day be a fan of Guan Meiyi, and it was only because Guan Meiyi turned around and smiled at her. Now, this girl in the white dress was so confused that she even began to doubt her own s.e.x.u.a.l orientation.

The reason was very simple. She had watched a movie of Guan Meiyi, and in the movie, Guan Meiyi played an omnipotent female agent, dressed up in a unis.e.x way with clean and agile movements which had simply charmed her beyond belief.

Seeing that the girl in the white dress was still spamming messages about Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian, the little girl next to her kindly reminded her, "Stop spamming. If Fang Hua comes and sees it later, she will definitely be upset."

"See what?"

Just as the little girl\'s voice fell, Fang Hua walked in and swept her cold eyes around. "What is so afraid to have me see it?"

Fang Hua\'s eyes landed on the girl in the white dress who immediately turned off her phone screen. However, Fang Hua\'s sharp eyes still saw it, and her expression instantly changed.

Just as she was about to ask the girl in the white dress what was going on, her phone rang. When she saw Zhao Huimin\'s name on the caller ID, Fang Hua frowned unhappily, but she still picked up the call.

"Auntie, what\'s the matter?" Fang Hua\'s voice was cold and distant. It was obvious that she didn\'t want to talk to Zhao Huimin.

If it weren\'t for this brainless woman, would she, Fang Hua, have been so humiliated at the party? It was simply ridiculous!

Zhao Huimin clearly heard the displeasure and alienation in Fang Hua\'s tone. She was secretly unhappy with Fang Hua\'s attitude, but no matter how unhappy she was, she couldn\'t show it, so she said with a smile, "Fang Hua, have you seen the report about my son, Gu Zhiqian?"

"No, why should I look at them? What\'s there to see? Auntie, do you still think that I wasn\'t embarrassed enough last night?" Fang Hua said bluntly, not giving Zhao Huimin any respect.