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Chapter 1480 - Guan Meiyi Go Pick It Up

Guan Meiyi had a good sleep, a very relaxing one. And it had been a long time since she had such a relaxing sleep.

Now, it seemed that everything had been resolved. She could officially get rid of the He family and no longer be tied up and tortured by the He family. The case of He Zhenxuan was also completed, and Luo Kai had been arrested by the police. Although the process was a bit complicated, the result was good enough.

For now, she just needed to move out of the apartment as soon as possible and stay away from Gu Zhiqian.

The apartment had already been prepared. If it weren\'t for the fact that she had to pretend to be a couple with Gu Zhiqian at the last minute, she would have moved out long ago.

Now that the fake couple acting was over, and the police had already clarified to the public, Guan Meiyi really didn\'t need to live here anymore.

Moreover, she had already received warnings from Gu Zhiqian\'s grandfather and mother, telling her to stay away from Gu Zhiqian. She didn\'t want to receive such a warning again, and Gu Zhiqian probably wanted her to move out.

Guan Meiyi sighed deeply. In fact, the most important reason why she was moving out so soon was that she found that she couldn\'t face Gu Zhiqian normally anymore, especially after what happened last night.

The kiss at the party, the sudden appearance of Gu Zhiqian at a critical moment, and the fact that Gu Zhiqian was willing to lend her a shoulder to lean on when she was feeling extremely insecure.

All these things made Guan Meiyi unable to calm down. The more she felt like this, the more afraid she became. This was a very strange and unfamiliar feeling that she had never felt before which made Guan Meiyi unable to clear her thoughts at all. This kind of messy thoughts made her uneasy.

She didn\'t want to make herself feel uncomfortable, nor making herself embarrassed, so she could only choose to escape. When she understood what the feeling really was, she would then decide what to do next.

However, she was Guan Meiyi. There were some things that she couldn\'t understand now, but even if she did in the future, she would never be the one to take the first step.

Guan Meiyi stretched lazily. She felt a little hungry, so she got out of the bed and wanted to go to the kitchen to get some food for herself.

At this moment, Ada\'s call came in. Guan Meiyi walked out of the kitchen with bread in her hand, picked up the phone and answered the call with one hand.

"Meiyi, something happened to your new house. I don\'t think you can move it in the near future." Ada\'s voice was bitter. Guan Meiyi could vaguely hear the sound of water splashing from the phone and the sound of glass breaking.

"What happened? What\'s wrong?"

"I don\'t know what happened. All the water pipes in your house burst and flooded your house. Now it is like a water curtain cave. Not only that, because the main water pipe burst, the water sprayed out destroyed a lot of furniture and objects!" Ada said indignantly, "I\'ve asked someone to look at it. They said it was a man-made damage. I\'ve looked at the water pipes and there are indeed traces of it being cut. I don\'t know who\'s so bad. Maybe it\'s an anti-fans of you! In short, this house is not safe now. You\'d better not move here and continue living in the apartment. I\'ll help you look for other houses during this period of time."

"... okay..."

Guan Meiyi frowned After hanging up the phone. She bought the house under the name of Ada. Even if there were anti-fans, they wouldn\'t know that she wanted to live in. So, who was so shameless to destroy her house?

At this moment, Gu Zhiqian, who was playing with the dog in the room, suddenly felt an itch in his nose and sneezed.

The man gently rubbed his nose and casually threw a ball out, "Guan Meiyi, go and pick it up!"