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Chapter 1479 - Cannot Let SuChapter A Thing Happen

The two brothers, Gu Zhilin and Gu Zhiming left the study room, and Gu Zhihuan, his third younger sister, walked over. Seeing that her two brothers\'expressions were not very good, she asked curiously, "What happened? Why do you have such expressions?"

Gu Zhiming had been reprimanded by the Old Master twice in a row, and now he was in no mood to pay attention to Gu Zhihuan, so he left with a cold face.

Gu Zhihuan looked at Gu Zhilin with a dumbfounded expression, "Second brother, what happened?"

Gu Zhilin put on a complicated expression, "Why are you here?"

Gu Zhihuan pursed her lips, "No, I just saw Zhao Huimin rush into grandfather\'s study in a daze. I thought she would be reprimanded, so I came over to watch the joke. Who knew that she would walk out with a smile, muttering something about Fang Hua and Gu Zhiqian. I don\'t know what happened, so I just wanted to wait for you guys to come out and ask. Who knew that you guys would have such bitter faces again? What\'s going on?"

Gu Zhilin didn\'t know what was going on either. He also wanted to know what was going on with the Old Master. Why did he suddenly treat the two brothers like this? Rather, his attitude toward Gu Zhiqian and Zhao Huimin was much better than before.

"It\'s hard to explain with just a few words. What did you say Zhao Huimin was doing just now?" Gu Zhilin asked.

"Who knows what she was doing. She just kept muttering that Fang Hua and Gu Zhiqian still had a chance and left happily. I was wondering maybe after knowing that Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi\'s matter was fake, she thought that there must be a chance between Gu Zhiqian and Fang Hua, so she went to look for Fang Hua?" Gu Zhihuan curled her lips with her eyes full of disdain for Zhao Huimin, "It\'s really embarrassing. She, Zhao Huimin, in the name of the Madam of the Gu Family, goes to Fang Hua all day long!"

Hearing Gu Zhihuan\'s words, Gu Zhilin had a plan in his heart. He thought that Old Master Gu must be like Zhao Huimin, thinking that there was still a chance between Gu Zhiqian and Fang Hua. Once Gu Zhiqian married Fang Hua, it meant that the Gu family was now not only friends with the Ruan family, but also in-laws with the Fang family, this way, the Gu family\'s status and strength would be even more extraordinary.

However, this matter seemed to benefit the entire Gu family, but Gu Zhiqian could actually take the most of it. This way, Gu Zhiqian not only had the support of the Ruan family, but also of the Fang family. In the end, Old Master Gu might pass the position of family head to Gu Zhiqian again because of the consideration of these two families.

However, this time, Gu Zhiqian was the real Gu zhiqian. Once he took the position of the head of the family, it would not be taken back!

As Gu Zhilin thought about this, his heart gradually became uneasy. Now, the Old Master\'s attitude toward them was already changing, and it had only been a day. What would happen in the long run?

There was also that Zhao Huimin. Although Gu Zhihuan kept saying that her actions had insulted the Gu family\'s identity. However, now that Gu Zhilin thought about it, Zhao Huimin was the most treacherous one. She did not hesitate to lower herself to provoke Gu Zhiqian and Fang Hua. Wasn\'t it all for Gu Zhiqian to take over the position of the family head?

"No, I can\'t let this happen!" Gu Zhilin said in a deep voice, and then walked away with heavy steps.

Gu Zhihuan stood there, confused, "What\'s going on with the one or two of them? Can someone tell me what happened?"

Gu Zhihuan looked at grandfather Gu\'s study and didn\'t have the guts to go in.