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Chapter 1475 - The Police Clarification

At the beginning, Captain Wang didn\'t take Gu Zhiqian\'s words to seriouly, and he only treated Gu Zhiqian as an impulsive young man. Even if he drove out, he would only wander around the world like a headless fly. Therefore, he didn\'t think too much about it at that time and only sent two people to follow him, making sure he wouldn\'t cause any trouble.

However, what Captain Wang didn\'t expect was that Gu Zhiqian had the ability to find the exact location where Luo Kai kidnapped Guan Meiyi ahead of the police. Moreover, what he also didn\'t expect was that Gu Zhiqian actually had so many capable people under him.

In fact, for rich young masters or second-generation celebrities like them, which one of them didn\'t have a few bodyguards and followers. However, through his many years of experience as a police officer, Captain Wang could tell with just one glance that Gu Zhiqian\'s subordinates were not ordinary bodyguards. They carried a strong murderous aura.

Captain Wang looked at Gu Zhiqian deeply, as if he wanted to remember this person firmly, "Mr. Gu, the case of Luo Kai is completely over at your end. So I don\'t want to see you here again in the future."

Gu Zhiqian smiled wickedly, "Don\'t worry, you won\'t."

"It\'s for the best."

Having said that, Gu Zhiqian had no need to stay any longer. Moreover, he was still feeling anxious and wanted to go back to the apartment as soon as possible.

Mike stood at the side in a daze, listening to the conversation between Captain Wang and Gu Zhiqian and his heart was beating fast. Seeing that Gu Zhiqian was finally going to leave, he relaxed a little and wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. He didn\'t want to come here again in the future.

Gu Zhiqian had only taken two steps away when Captain Wang, who was behind him, seemed to remember something and stopped Gu Zhiqian, "Oh, that\'s right. There\'s something I forgot to tell you."

Gu Zhiqian stopped and turned to look at Captain Wang as he didn\'t think that there was anything else between them.

Captain Wang put on a meaningful smile, "Before Ms. Guan left today, she specifically instructed us to publish a statement as soon as possible, clarifying the matter of you two pretending to be a couple."

Mike had only taken two steps when he felt that the originally spacious and warm corridor had suddenly become cold and cramped. He looked at Best Actor Gu next to him and immediately shivered from the chilliness.

Gu Zhiqian turned around with a cold face. The chill seemed to have frozen the entire corridor. Even Captain Wang, who had always been very strong in his heart, could not help but shiver.

"What did Guan Meiyi say to you?" Gu Zhiqian asked again.

Captain Wang raised his eyebrows, "Oh, she said that she wanted us to release a statement as soon as possible to clarify the matter of you pretending to be a couple, and she especially emphasized that we should do that the sooner the better." Captain Wang smiled, "So, I\'ve decided to find someone to publish this matter today. During this period of time, in order to cooperate with the police to solve the case, this pretending to be a couple thing, really caused a lot of trouble. To be honest, I feel quite guilty, especially since we almost had Ms. Guan killed yesterday. It was our mistake. Therefore, since Ms. Guan has made such a request now, of course, we have to actively cooperate and follow her request. Mr. Gu, please don\'t worry. Soon, the trouble caused by this \'fake couple\' incident \'will disappear."

After saying that, captain Wang smiled and nodded at Gu Zhiqian, waved his hand and said, "I still have something to do so I\'m heading back to work."

Gu Zhiqian turned around coldly and strode out of the Criminal Investigation Unit with a biting chill.

Good, not bad! Guan Meiyi, you just can\'t wait to cut ties with me, can you!