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Chapter 1473 - The Fearless Ancestor

In the end, because of the special situation last night, Captain Wang explained to the traffic police brigade that Gu Zhiqian was in a hurry to save someone, so he drove dangerously. The traffic police brigade accepted Captain Wang\'s suggestion and hanled the case with light penalties. However, because Gu Zhiqian was a public figure, his behavior last night was extremely easy to have negative impacts. Therefore, the traffic police unit ordered Gu Zhiqian to personally record a video and post it on the Internet to apologize to the public for speeding last night.

Gu Zhiqian was in a good mood at the moment, so he was readily agreeable to whatever the police said. He immediately recorded the video in the traffic police unit, and posted it through his own Weibo and the Weibo of his studio. He also tagged Zhi Ya Entertainment\'s official Weibo and sent the video all together.

The traffic police saw that Gu Zhiqian had a good attitude and asked him to pay the fine before leaving the traffic police station.

After leaving the traffic police station, Gu Zhiqian followed the police officer assigned by Captain Wang, "Is Guan Meiyi still with you?"

The police officer nodded, "Yes, there are still some details that need Ms. Guan\'s help."

"Then when can we finish this case?"

The police officer heard this and frowned slightly, "It\'s hard to say. The He family heard that the real killer of their son was Ms. Guan\'s assistant. They are now making a fuss and insisting that we take Ms. Guan into custody as well."

The police officer\'s words made Gu Zhiqian frown. The He family was not done yet?

The police officer held his forehead and continued, "Right now, the thing that gives us the most headache is that Luo Kai who actually voluntarily request for a psychiatric evaluation. He had a history of bipolar disorder, and from his modus operandi, as well as the unknown side of him and the process of kidnapping Madam Guan, it can be seen that this person\'s mental state doesn\'t seem to be normal. It\'s just that during my time as a police officer, I\'ve never seen anyone who proposed to have a psychiatric evaluation. "If the results come out and he is mentally ill, we might have wasted our time. He Zhenxuan would have died for nothing, so as the kidnap of Ms. Guan."

The police officer complained to himself, as if he had forgotten that Gu Zhiqian was still there. It was already too late by the time he realized that he had said too much.

Gu Zhiqian had heard everything that he should have heard. His expression had completely changed, and he no longer looked as happy as before.

The police officer noticed Gu Zhiqian\'s expression and said, "I\'ve finished what Captain Wang asked me to do. If there\'s nothing else, I\'ll take my leave first."

With that, the police officer quickly got into the car and left, afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would say more things that he should not have said. It was hat he had only been on the police force for a short period of time, so there had been many things that he could not consider all the aspects.

Gu Zhiqian quickly walked to the front of the car and turned to look at Mike, "Drive to the police station."

Mike was stunned, "Why are you going there? It\'s so messy! Haven\'t the cases been solved already? You and Guan Meiyi don\'t have to pretend to be a couple anymore. Why are you still going to the police station?"

Mike rejected Gu Zhiqian\'s request to go to the police station as he already had enough on his plate now and didn\'t want to cause more trouble.

Gu Zhiqian looked at Mike threateningly, "If you don\'t drive, I\'ll drive myself."

Mike was shocked after hearing this, "My ancestor, you\'ve just been punished by the traffic police and your driver\'s license has been revoked. Don\'t you know that you can\'t drive? You haven\'t left the traffic police unit yet. Are you courting death?"

Gu Zhiqian sneered and walked to the driver\'s seat as he spoke.

Mike immediately broke out in cold sweat, "I know, I\'ll drive us to the police station!"

How could he forget that this ancestor was fearless...