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Chapter 1470 - Being Rescued

The man\'s eyes turned colder, but his voice was gentle when he spoke to Guan meiyi, "Apart from here, where else are you hurt?"

Guan Meiyi was far more surprised to see Gu Zhiqian here than she was kidnapped by Luo Kai.

She shook her head mechanically, "I\'m fine, I\'m fine."

Hearing Guan Meiyi say that she was fine, Gu Zhiqian\'s heart, which had been strangled for a long time, finally eased up, and his pale face finally turned a little red.

He quickly untied the ropes that were tied to Guan Meiyi\'s hands, feet, and body, and helped her stand up. Because she had been tied up and forced to sit there for a long time, Guan Meiyi\'s buttocks and legs were already a little sore and numb. So when she suddenly stood up, she could not maintain her balance properly. She almost fell into Gu Zhiqian\'s arms in an instant.

The man held her and used his own body as her support, "How are you dong?"

"I\'m fine. It\'s just that my legs are a little numb." Guan Meiyi said calmly.

Gu Zhiqian nodded and was about to help Guan Meiyi leave this gloomy and terrifying room when he suddenly kicked the knife that was flashing with a cold glow.

Gu Zhiqian looked down at the knife and his expression changed instantly. He followed the tip of the knife and saw the things used for the ghost marriage in the cabinet.

"This knife should be the weapon that Luo Kai used to kill He Zhenxuan. As for those..."Guan Meiyi looked at those things helplessly, "Those are the things that Luo Kai prepared for the ghost wedding with me."

Hearing the words \'ghost wedding\', Gu Zhiqian suddenly tightened his grip on Guan Meiyi.

Guan Meiyi smiled calmly at that moment, "Fortunately enough you came in time. Otherwise, I would have probably been sent away by Luo Kai."

Seeing that Guan Meiyi was still in the mood to joke around, Gu Zhiqian looked at her and asked in a low voice, "Guan Meiyi, are you a fool?"

If I\'m not a fool, How can you have such a big heart?

Guan Meiyi\'s face froze, and then she laughed lightly, as if she had just survived a disaster, "Gu Zhiqian, I owe you again. I\'ll pay you back."

Gu Zhiqian pursed his lips and didn\'t say anything. He helped Guan Meiyi out of the room.

Finally walking out of the dark room, Guan Meiyi saw clearly what kind of environment she was in.

The most dazzling thing to her was the doll on the bed not far away, which was made based on her 1-to-1 scale.

At this time, Luo Kai was firmly pressed to the ground by a burly man. When the burly man saw Gu Zhiqian, he directly asked respectfully, "Boss, what should we do with this pervert?"

Boss? Guan Meiyi turned to look at Gu Zhiqian.

The burly man who was controlling Luo Kai was not the only one in the room. There were also several men in uniform standing there respectfully.

Gu Zhiqian glared at Luo Kai coldly, trying to suppress his urge to kill him, "When the police come later, hand him over to the police."


Luo Kai\'s mouth was hit on the ground when he was hit by Gu Zhiqian, and it was now bleeding non-stop.

Even though his mouth was full of blood, Luo Kai still screamed hysterically when he saw Gu Zhiqian helping Guan Meiyi out, "Gu Zhiqian, don\'t you dare take Sister Meiyi away! She\'s mine! Don\'t you dare take her away! I won\'t let you take her away!"

Gu Zhiqian coldly looked at Luo Kai who was lying on the ground in a sorry state," By such a weakling as you?"

"Don\'t call me a weakling! I\'m not a weakling! Gu Zhiqian!" Luo Kai looked at Guan Meiyi with his eyes full of ferocity and hope, "Sister Meiyi, tell him that you won\'t leave and you will marry me! I\'ve already thought of a way, I\'ve already figured it out!"

Luo Kai\'s words irritated Gu Zhiqian even more. The man\'s eyes turned cold, and the man who controlled Luo Kai reached his hand directly to Luo Kai\'s chin, dislocating it.