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Chapter 1469 - Stirred up the Entire City

Luo Kai\'s emotions fluctuated because of Guan Meiyi\'s words, and he was struggling in a dilemma.

Guan Meiyi looked at him carefully, "Otherwise, think of a way to get the best in both respects. Think about it again."

Guan Meiyi\'s voice was very soft, and she tried her best not to provoke Luo Kai with her voice.

At this moment, Luo Kai\'s entire attention was focused on the words that Guan Meiyi had just said, and he muttered, "Let me think about it again..." the glowing knife in his hand fell down unconsciously.

Luo Kai opened the door and walked out of the room with a relaxed expression.

After the room suddenly brightened up, it returned to its dusky colour.


The neon lights at night lit up the entire city which was the charm of this nightless city.

However, at this moment, the two police officers who were arranged by Captain Wang to follow Gu Zhiqian wanted to curse in their hearts. They couldn\'t catch up to Gu Zhiqian at all.

Not only could they not catch up, but they also found that there were suddenly several cars behind Gu Zhiqian\'s car. They followed his car and sped along the streets that were filled with people at night.

In order to not let innocent people be implicated, the two police officers could only chase after Gu Zhiqian with their sirens on.

The two police officers were not the only ones following Gu Zhiqian. There were also reporters and movie fans who were squatting near the apartment building. When they saw the police officers, they already knew that something had happened. It did not take long for them to see Gu Zhiqian\'s car drive out.

Some of them followed Gu Zhiqian to the Ruan family\'s manor and saw the scene where the men respectfully addressed Gu Zhiqian as their boss. Some of them lost track of Gu Zhiqian because he was too fast and then began to look for him in the entire city

In an instant, because of Gu Zhiqian\'s crazy actions, the entire city was stirred up.

However, almost at the same time, the police also tracked Luo Kai\'s whereabouts through the Sky Eye System. They organized the police forces and drove toward the place where Luo Kai had kidnapped Guan Meiyi,


Guan Meiyi looked at the knife that Luo Kai had dropped on the ground. She used the strength of her legs, trying to reach the knife and then untied the ropes on her hands and feet.

Just as Guan Meiyi was about to touch the knife, a loud noise came from outside the room, as if someone had broken into the room.

Then, Luo Kai\'s shocked exclaimation came, "How did you find this place?"

Then, there was a flurry of slamming sounds and roaring coming from Luo Kai.

Guan Meiyi didn\'t know what was happening outside, so she could only pick up the knife to protect herself.

Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open from outside, causing a suddenly light up in the originally dark room.

This unexpected light made Guan Meiyi\'s eyes feel uncomfortable. She had no choice but to squint her eyes, with tears streaming down her face. After a while, she finally got used to the light.

However, before she could see the situation clearly, she was tightly embraced by a chilling body.

Guan Meiyi was suddenly stunned. She could clearly feel that it was a man who was hugging her, and the man\'s body was slightly trembling.

This man was familiar to her, both his body and smell of him. Guan Meiyi blinked her eyes, "Gu Zhiqian..."

Gu Zhiqian released Guan Meiyi from his tight embrace and observed her from top to bottom with a deep frown. Finally, his eyes fell on Guan Meiyi\'s slightly red face from Luo Kai\'s pinch and her neck that was still bleeding.