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Chapter 1468 - Mental Problems

Luo Kai placed the knife on Guan Meiyi\'s neck, "Do you know why I regret it, Sister Meiyi?"

Guan Meiyi had completely calmed down by now. She looked straight at Luo Kai, "I\'m not interested. I know you\'re in trouble now, so I hope you won\'t do anything that will make you even more troublesome!"

Guan Meiyi\'s words disappointed Luo Kai, but he still continued, "Even if I kill Gu Zhiqian, you\'ll still be the shining Guan Meiyi. You still can\'t belong to me alone. So, I\'ve decided that why don\'t I kill you!" Luo Kai\'s knife went into the direction of Guan Meiyi\'s neck, "Don\'t worry, Meiyi. I won\'t let you go on your journey alone. I\'ll be right after you. We\'ll meet in the netherworld. I\'ll take good care of you and let us be a happy couple!"

Luo Kai then excitedly opened a cabinet in front of Guan Meiyi. There were things like joss paper and candles in the cabinet.

"Sister Meiyi, look, I\'ve even prepared the things. I\'ve looked at the almanac and counted the days. Today is the best day to get married!" Luo Kai was getting more and more excited. He took out all the things, "These are all things needed for the ghost wedding. I\'ll kill you first and have you wait for me over there. Then, I\'ll settle the wedding ceremony with you over here. After that, I\'ll go to the other side and look for you!"

Guan Meiyi\'s eyes widened as she looked at those creepy and scary things. At this moment, there was only one thing came up to her mind, and that was...

F * ck...

"Luo Kai, are you crazy? You believe in the ghost wedding?"

"Why not?" Luo Kai was convinced. From his internship at Zhi Ya Entertainment to becoming Guan Meiyi\'s assistant, he had been on many production teams and watched many scenes. He had seen this kind of marriage ceremony in a production team once before, added to the information he had found on the internet and some books, he therefore had made such a move.

Luo Kai looked at the time and suddenly laughed excitedly. And even the knife was shaking because of his excitement. Guan Meiyi glanced at the glowing knife and her heart began to chill.

"Sister Meiyi, the auspicious time is coming. Let\'s not waste any more time. I\'ll send you on your way now!"

Guan Meiyi felt a cold sting on her neck, "Luo Kai! Wait! Listen to me!"

"Stop talking, there\'s no time!"

"No, you really have to listen to me! You can\'t send me away now! I can\'t go there! Think about it, He Zhenxuan is already dead, so he\'s already there. I\'m He Zhenxuan\'s wife in name. If I leave now, won\'t it be the same as going to look for He Zhenxuan?"

Guan Meiyi was completely making things up. She could already feel that Luo Kai\'s mental state was somewhat abnormal. If she continued to think like a normal person, it would be completely useless to negotiate and communicate with him. So, Guan Meiyi decided to take a gamble to follow Luo Kai\'s way of thinking and talked to him so that she might be able to buy herself some time.

Sure enough, after hearing Guan Meiyi\'s words, Luo Kai\'s hand that was holding the knife stopped. At this time, Guan Meiyi\'s neck seemed to have been cut by the knife. It was still bleeding, but fortunately, it was not deep.

"Yes, why didn\'t I think of this... why did I..." Luo Kai frowned with his black eyes darting around.

"Besides, if you cut my neck with the knife, then after I die, there will always be a scar on my neck. It will be very ugly! You said that you love me very much, so you don\'t want to see a scar on my neck, right?"

Hearing this, Luo Kai subconsciously nodded, "No, I don\'t want to see it."