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Chapter 1466 - Pinched All Red

Although she had guessed that He Zhenxuan might have been killed by Luo Kai, Guan Meiyi was still shocked when she heard Luo Kai admit it himself.

With his thin and weak appearance, it was hard to imagine that Luo Kai could kill He Zhenxuan in such a crazy way. She had seen He Zhenxuan\'s body which was almost full of wounds with barely any part left intact.

Moreover, according to the report given by the medical examiner, He Zhenxuan did not die immediately after he was stabbed, which meant that Luo Kai did not kill He Zhenxuan right away but tortured him for a long time. Luo Kai stabbed He Zhenxuan in the heart for his final stab which eventually led to He Zhenxuan\'s death.

Before He Zhenxuan died, during that long period of time, he just watched the blood flowing out of his body, and Luo Kai stabbed him with all the wounds, and finally died in despair.

Guan Meiyi didn\'t even dare to think that her assistant, Luo Kai, who had always been very warm and considerate by her side, would have such a ruthless and even perverted side.

However, Guan Meiyi was now in Luo Kai\'s control. She tried her best to curb the fear in her heart and calm herself down. She wasn\'t sure what was Luo Kai\'s purpose to kidnap her, nor was she sure when the police would find her, let alone whether she would be saved or not.

Therefore, the only person who could help her get out of this predicament was herself.

Luo Kai put his hand down from Guan Meiyi\'s face. At this moment, Guan Meiyi\'s fair and tender face had been pinched red by Luo Kai.

Luo Kai lit up a cigarette and began to smoke in the airtight room. As he smoked, he continued, "Sister Meiyi, I helped you to take out He Zhenxuan, this big trouble. Shouldn\'t you thank me properly?"

On the day of the murder, Luo Kai\'s eyes never left Guan Meiyi at the party directed by Li Meihong. He saw Guan Meiyi leaving half-way and also secretly followed her to see Guan Meiyi meet with He Zhenxuan.

He was the one who recorded that video. The purpose was to record the perverted side of He Zhenxuan, so that he could help Guan Meiyi get rid of the He family completely in the future.

He had have the intention to kill He Zhenxuan for a long time. When he saw He Zhenxuan was such a sc.u.mbag that he wanted to ruin Guan Meiyi\'s innocence, Luo Kai finally couldn\'t stand it anymore. Guan Meiyi was his goddess, how could his goddess be defiled by a cowherd!

Luo Kai rushed out, knocked out He Zhenxuan, and dragged him to the stairwell. When he came out to look for Guan Meiyi again, he couldn\'t find any traces of her.

At that time, Luo Kai thought that Guan Meiyi had gone home or left. Therefore, he returned to the stairwell and killed He Zhenxuan in a cruel way. Then, he threw He Zhenxuan to the garbage station like he was throwing away garbage.

However, when Luo Kai returned to Guan Meiyi\'s apartment, he found that Guan Meiyi didn\'t go home at all, and her cell phone was in a state of no answer.

It was not until the next morning that he found out about Guan Meiyi had been at the Four Seasons Hotel with a man. His goddess had finally been defiled.

And the person who defiled Guan Meiyi was actually Gu Zhiqian!

Luo Kai held Guan Meiyi\'s hand tightly, "Sister Meiyi, you clearly said that you would keep a distance from Gu Zhiqian. You apparently hate Gu Zhiqian. Why do you want to be with him! Why do you want to be with him! Why do you want him to kiss you and hug you! Why! !"