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Chapter 1465 - The Pervert Luo Kai

Guan Meiyi\'s eyelashes fluttered slightly as she tried her best to control her frantic heartbeat. She heard the other party\'s voice. It was that familiar voice. It was undoubtedly Luo Kai.

Luo Kai moved a chair and sat across from Guan Meiyi. He looked at her quietly and reached out to touch her face from time to time. Whether it was his voice or his expression, they were all filled with infatuation for Guan Meiyi, "Sister Meiyi, I don\'t understand. I\'m so good to you. I\'ve given up almost everything for you. Why can\'t you see me? Is it because I\'m not handsome enough? Or is it because I\'m not tall enough, not strong enough, or my figure is not good enough?"

Luo Kai suddenly tightened his grip on Guan Meiyi\'s face and began to pinch Guan Meiyi\'s face, "I know that Sister Meiyi, you\'re not that kind of shallow woman. You qon\'t care about the appearance, the figure, or any external conditions, because you\'re Guan Meiyi, you\'re a Goddess! A Goddess is detached, flawless, and can see through everything. "Do you know that I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. At that time, you were participating in a variety show, and everyone was fighting and running desperately to win. "Only you were walking casually, enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. At that time, you were looking at the scenery, but I was looking at you. I think that you are more beautiful than that scenery. Especially when I saw you speak to the two children who are fighting, \'Children should not fight, they should love each other.\' I was falling for your sweet smile. Then, you picked up the child who lost, and comforted the kid so gently, persuading him not to cry as boys shall not cry. I have completely fallen in love with you at that moment. Sometimes, I think that if a warm person like you appeared when I was being bullied, and comforted me, encouraged me like that, there might be less tragedy in the past."

Guan Meiyi felt helpless when she heard Luo Kai\'s words. She rarely participated in any variety shows. She had participated in a few of them sporadically, and ten fingers should be enough to count them all.

As for the time that Luo Kai mentioned, she had an impression of it. The reason why she did not run that time was because of her period which made her stomach very uncomfortable. Instead of competing with other artists for the championship, it was better for her to calm down and enjoy the scenery around her.

If she had known at the beginning that Luo Kai had noticed her because she did not run to compete, she would have rather endured the period cramps and run.

After all, she had participated in a competitive variety show. Everyone had been running and working hard for the show, but she had been the only one who was walking, which had her feel quite guilty and even apologized to the show team.

As for carrying the child, she just simply liked children. When she saw the child crying, she couldn\'t help but want to comfort him. At that time, it was her that was there. If it had been another artiste, she believed that they would have done the same thing.

And now, Guan Meiyi didn\'t know what she felt about all these, and she didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry.

"In order to be closer to you, I worked hard to earn money and make myself better. And eventually, I became your assistant. I could see you every day, do many things for you every day, and spend every day with you. I cherish you and love you so much. I hope to give you the best in the world." Luo Kai\'s voice suddenly turned cold, "But that He Zhenxuan actually treated you like that. He is worse than pigs or dogs. A sc.u.mbag like him should not live in this world. "He had you in pain and made you suffer, so I kill him! "As long as I kill him, you\'ll be free. You won\'t be bound by the He family anymore, and you won\'t have to put up with He Zhenxuan\'s torture anymore! Sister Meiyi, don\'t you think that I love you very much?"