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Chapter 1462 - Luo Kai Showed Up

Captain Wang received the notice that Guan Meiyi had been missing and he immediately rushed to the underground parking lot of the apartment building.

The two police officers who were in charge of following Guan Meiyi today saw Captain Wang and stood there with their heads lowered, feeling a little ashamed to face him.

Guan Meiyi\'s disappearance was indeed a result of their negligence.

Captain Wang glared at them but didn\'t say anything. The most important thing now was to find Guan Meyi, so he had to deal with them later.

Gu Zhiqian sat on the stairs not far away with a cold expression. At this moment, he was blaming himself so deeply in his heart that if he hadn\'t left Guan Meiyi alone in the parking lot, such a thing wouldn\'t have happened.

Captain Wang walked over and sat down beside Gu Zhiqian, "According to the surveillance video of the parking lot taken out from the security room, it was Luo Kai who took Guan Meiyi away. Even though he had disguised himself, from his figure and walking posture, we can still tell that it was Luo Kai himself."

Upon hearing Luo Kai\'s name, Gu Zhiqian frowned deeply and spat out two words coldly, "Weakling."

Captain Wang shook his head, "During this period of time, we have conducted a detailed investigation on Luo Kai. In fact, I shouldn\'t have told you the results of the investigation."

Gu Zhiqian looked up at Captain Wang indifferently, "You don\'t have to tell me. I can find out myself.

This was also what Gu Zhiqian regretted. Why didn\'t he send someone to investigate Luo Kai? It seemed that he trusted the police too much, which led to the current situation.

Captain Wang could already sense Gu Zhiqian\'s distrust of the police. He paused for a moment and continued, "Luo Kai\'s mother died young, and his father beat and scolded him frequently. After a long period of time, the dark side of Luo Kai\'s personality was brought about. He was once suffering from manic-depressive disorder, and he severely injured his teacher who ended up in a vegetative state. Later on, he recovered from the disorder and even successfully entered university. Luo Kai was very smart, and he had an extremely strong talent in learning. During University, he made a lot of money by creating his own software and programming for other companies. "However, he was never good at interacting with people, and he was often bullied by his classmates at school. After our police investigation, we found out that every classmate who once bullied him now has different degrees of physical disabilities. Two of them have gone missing and have not been found."

Captain Wang\'s words made Gu Zhiqian\'s expression become more and more serious. Captain Wang paused and continued, "Luo Kai has been infatuated with Guan Meiyi since university. He can be considered a \'die-hard\' fan of Guan Meiyi. This can be confirmed by his university classmates. "According to his classmates, Luo Kai has a perverted obsession and affection towards Guan Meiyi. He even made a human-shaped doll according to Guan Meiyi\'s appearance. He carried the doll to sleep every night. He often talked to the human-shaped doll and spoke to it of his thoughts. Luo Kai\'s roommates were a little afraid of him, so they filed requests to change their dormitory. In order to get close to Guan Meiyi, Luo Kai started working as an intern at Zhi Ya Entertainment before he graduated from university. After he graduated, he successfully stayed at Zhi Ya Entertainment and became Guan Meiyi\'s personal assistant not long ago."

Captain Wang took a deep breath, "So, this Luo Kai is an extremely dangerous person. He kidnapped Guan Meiyi, and it is very likely that he will do something harmful to her."

Gu Zhiqian\'s eyes were abnormally ruthless. He was like an ice mountain that had not melted for a thousand years, exuding a cold chill. The man\'s thin lips slightly opened, carrying a murderous chill, "This person is courting death!"