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Chapter 1457 - Suddenly Not Hate Her Anymore

Gu Zhiqian did not put Old Master Gu and the rest of the Gu family in his eyes at all. He did not even look at them as he held Guan Meiyi\'s hand and walked out.

Old Mater Gu said angrily, "Gu Zhiqian! I dare you to walk out of here today!"

Gu Zhiqian stopped, but did not turn back. He just raised his hand and waved, saying relaxedly, "Goodbye, grandfather!"

It had been a long time since Gu Zhiqian had called him \'grandfather\'. He had always called him Old Master Gu. In his heart, the Gu family had never been his home. He was just an outsider with the surname Gu, yet he didn\'t care about anything in the Gu family either. The only reason that he had anything to do with the Gu family was Zhao Huimin. Once Zhao Huimin came to her senses and was willing to leave the Gu family with him, he would completely draw the line between himself and the Gu family.

From the beginning of today\'s banquet, Gu Zhiqian knew that old Master Gu must have some ill intentions against Guan Meiyi. He had originally thought of not bringing Guan Meiyi along, or even not himself. He really couldn\'t be bothered to deal with this mess.

He just didn\'t expect Old Master Gu despicably leverage on the pressure of public opinion, saying that ever since Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi got together, he had never seen Gu Zhiqian again. And even if he had a girlfriend, he wouldn\'t bring her home to meet his family.

At this critical moment, Old Master Gu\'s words successfully stirred up public opinion.

Therefore, Gu Zhiqian simply brought Guan Meiyi to attend the event. He wanted to see what kind of evil the old man was planning

However, the matter no only developed beyond Gu Zhiqian\'s expectations, but also completely disrupted Old Master Gu\'s original plan.

Initially, Gu Zhiqian was a little resentful that his mother had invited Fang Hua. But after the incident just now, Gu Zhiqian was somewhat grateful to his mother for such a reckless action.

People at the venue watched Gu Zhiqian being so carefree that he didn\'t even turn his head, but waved his hands and said goodbye.

It seemed that the rumors were true. Gu Zhiqian had the intention of leaving the Gu family, so he no longer cared about the threat from Old Master Gu.

The woman in the white dress and the others looked out helplessly, as Gu Zhiqian held Guan Meiyi\'s hand and walked out. From then on, Gu Zhiqian was like a powerful and uncontrollable king. The relax and recklessness of his behaviour were so attractive. Guan Meiyi, who was being held by him, had a smile on her face. Under the contrast of her tight black dress, Guan Meiyi was like a black angel who had fallen into the mortal world. She was cold, evil, but full of temptation.

These two equally arrogant people walked casually. Wherever they went, people would subconsciously make way for them. The aura of these two people was too strong that it was as if those who stood in their way would die.

When they reached the door, Guan Meiyi turned her head, and when she looked back, she had a smile that could turn all living things upside down.

The woman raised her eyebrows slightly, and slowly looked in the direction of the woman in the white dress.

The girls standing there were all stunned. It was just a glance from Guan Meiyi, but it seemed like something hit them right in the heart, making them suddenly feel like they wanted to bow down to her.

By the time they realized what was going on, Guan Meiyi had already turned her head and disappeared at the entrance of the venue with Gu Zhiqian gently holding her in his arms.

The girl in the white dress blinked her eyes and unconsciously placed her palm on her chest. She took a long breath and then looked at the others around her, muttering softly, "Why do I suddenly not hate Guan Meiyi that much?"

Not only did she not hate her, but the lady in the white dress even had the urge to immediately follow Guan Meiyi\'s Weibo and download all her movies. She even had the impulse to call out Guan Meiyi\'s name.

It was just because of her esteem that she did not want to admit that.

The other socialites all nodded when they heard the words from the girl in white. They all had the same thoughts..