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Chapter 1456 - Do You Want to Leave this Place

Gu Zhiqian hugged Guan Meiyi with a charming smile on his face. It seems like such a scene could only be seen in Gu Zhiqian\'s movies.

No, at this moment, Gu Zhiqian was even more charming than in the movies.

The laments and exclamations of the socialites at the venue began to rise one after another.

Accompanied by such voices, Old Master Gu\'s face was as dark as the bottom of a burned pot, "This is outrageous!"

"Aiyo, they are really young and passionate youth." Gu Zhilin said in a strange tone, not afraid of escalating the situation even more.

Gu Zhiming also had a mocking smile on his face, "Hehe, it seems that this fourth younger brother doesn\'t put Grandpa, you, in his eyes at all. He actually openly did such a thing at the Gu family\'s anniversary party. It\'s simply immoral."

"Actors, huh? They know what how to be immoral." Gu Zhihuan said with a smile.

Gu Zhihuan knew from the moment she was sensible that Old Master Gu was a typical man who valued sons over daughters. In the future, the Gu family\'s assets would most likely have nothing to do with her, Gu Zhihuan. She would only get some money at most, as for the company\'s shares, she shouldn\'t even think about it.

Therefore, in order to live a better life in the future, Gu Zhihuan tried her best to please her two brothers. She was, after all, a sister born from the same mother, so Gu Zhilin and Gu Zhiming actually treated Gu Zhihuan very well.

The three of them worked together to the outside world. Gu Zhiqian\'s arrival made them more or less feel a sense of crisis, especially Gu Zhihuan. In her opinion, she would get even less, if Gu Zhiqian got the Gu family\'s business in the future.

Therefore, among the three of them, Gu Zhihuan was the one who hated Gu Zhiqian the most.

Once Gu Zhihuan found an opportunity to suppress and ridicule Gu Zhiqian and Zhao Huimin, she would definitely spare no effort to suppress and slander them, since the more Old Master Gu hated them, the better.

In fact, they could all see that Gu Zhiqian didn\'t seem to be very interested in the Gu family\'s business, but Zhao Huimin had always been an eyesore in the Gu family, which made Gu Zhilin and the others worried. As long as Zhao Huimin was Mrs. Gu, then Gu Zhiqian had a bargaining chip more than the three siblings.

Last time, although Gu Zhiqian was disguised by Wang Manpeng, they had experienced loss once, and the terrible experience of having Gu Zhiqian take away the head of the family terrifies them so much that they did not want to experience it again.

Now that Old Master Gu had taken back the position of family head with Gu Zhiqian in peace with this, they would not let Gu Zhiqian have the chance to take that position again.

After hearing Gu Zhihuan\'s words, Old Master Gu finally shouted at Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi, "How dare you! What kind of place do you think this is!"

At this time, Guan Meiyi\'s mind had become much clearer, and her physical strength had gradually recovered. Hearing Old Master Gu\'s angry rebuke, Guan Meiyi stood up straight with her expression returned to her usual calm self.

Feeling that the gravity on his arm had lessened, Gu Zhiqian felt a wave of disappointment in his heart. His big hand subconsciously held Guan Meiyi\'s small hand, ignoring Old Master Gu\'s words and looking at Guan Meiyi dotingly, "Do you want to leave this place?"

Guan Meiyi smiled proudly and nodded decisively.

"Okay, then let\'s go." Gu Zhiqian\'s voice was gentle. He held Guan Meiyi\'s hand and strode out of the venue.