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Chapter 1454 - Anger

Guan Meiyi\'s brain was severely deprived of oxygen, and her body was now completely supported by Gu Zhiqian. Her face was also flushed due to the lack of oxygen in her brain and the hot breath between the two of them.

The venue was silent, and everyone\'s eyes fell on the two of them.

Everyone was shocked by the bold passion of the two of them, as well as the ignorance to others.

Women looked at Gu Zhiqian\'s domineering action of kissing Guan Meiyi. Their Hearts were broken, and their legs went weak.

They also wanted to be treated so tyrannically by Gu Zhiqian. Even if that person was not Gu Zhiqian, they all wanted to have a kiss after seeing this.

Fang Hua stood there. She felt as if her entire heart was being squeezed by a powerful hand, and her throat was being strangled by someone. It made her heart ache, and it was difficult for her to breathe. She tried hard to suppress the urge to rush up and tear Guan Meiyi apart. Even in her heart, Guan Meiyi had died many times, but she still tried hard to hold her anger back.

She was Fang Hua. No matter how much hatred she had in her heart, she could not do anything that would damage her image. Absolutely Not!

Fang Hua clenched her fists tightly, and her long nails seemed to have sunk into her palm. Fang Hua did not feel any pain, because at this moment, her heart was already full of jealousy and hatred.

The woman in the white dress and the others also did not expect Guan Meiyi to make such a bold move in the end. They also did not expect that not only did Gu Zhiqian agree to this, but he directly pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately.

They were also unwilling to accept this since Gu Zhiqian was also their Prince Charming.

The woman in the white dress looked at Fang Hua who had an ugly expression on her face. She said gloomily, "Sister Fang Hua, look at that B * tch. She actually did such a shameless thing in public!"

Fang Hua glared at the woman in the white dress coldly, "Shut up!"

If it weren\'t for these idiotic women who said those words to provoke Guan meiyi, Guan Meiyi wouldn\'t have done such a thing.

Now, Fang Hua\'s heart was filled with intense hatred. She hated everyone who had caused this, including these women who were trying to curry favor with her.

The woman in the white dress was reprimanded by Fang Hua in public. She bit her lips grudgingly and didn\'t say anything else.

Now, everyone could see that Fang Hua was angry. Whoever spoke to her would be the unfortunate. So they all shut their mouths to prevent themselves from being scolded.

Zhao Huimin stood there, her fingers almost twisted together. How did things turn out like this!

She looked at Fang Hua, who was not far away, and quickly walked over, "Fang Hua, you also saw that Guan Meiyi took the initiative to seduce Zhiqian. Don\'t be angry, listen to Auntie..."

"Enough, don\'t say no more. What else do you want to say!" Fang Hua looked at Zhao Huimin with disgust. She originally thought that Zhao Huimin was Gu Zhiqian\'s mother, and by building a good relationship with Zhao Huimin, she might be able to get closer to Gu Zhiqian. However, Fang Hua Now realized that Zhao Huimin was a greedy and brainless idiot. Moreover, Gu Zhiqian didn\'t take Zhao Huimin, the mother\'s words seriously at all. Then why did she waste her time on this woman? Today, she originally had something been arranged, but It was Zhao Huimin who asked her to attend this stupid c.o.c.ktail party. It turned out that she suffered such a great humiliation by coming here.

Fang Hua couldn\'t stay any longer. She felt that everyone was looking at her with sympathy and ridicule. These were things that she didn\'t need.

Fang Hua glared at the direction of Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian one last time, then turned around and walked out of the venue with anger.

"Fang Hua! Fang Hua! Listen to Auntie!" Zhao Huimin knew that it was bad. When she saw Fang Hua was leaving, she didn\'t care about the situation at all and went after her.