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Chapter 1452 - Courage and Qualifications

"Who would be a fan of a woman like you? You\'ve just lost your husband, yet you brazenly come here with another man. In the end, you\'re just an unscrupulous s.l.u.t. I wonder who gave you the qualifications and courage to stand here!"

On the other side, in the rest area, the so-called socialites surrounding Fang Hua started to laugh mockingly because of the words from the woman in the white dress.

The people around also started whispering about Guan Meiyi because of her words.

Fang Hua stood in the middle and raised her head to look at Guan Meiyi.

You want to fight her? Why Don\'t you take a look at yourself!

This time, Guan Meiyi was indeed angry. She could not be bothered to argue with these girls because she was too lazy to do so, but it did not mean that she was easy to bully.

Guan Meiyi was so angry that she laughed and said softly, "How childish."

Hearing Guan Meiyi\'s words, all the socialites, including Fang Hua, were stunned.

Fang Hua looked at Guan Meiyi with an unpleasant expression. She didn\'t know what she was trying to do, but hearing the word \'childish\' simply made Fang Hua very upset.

Guan Meiyi raised her head arrogantly and stood up from her seat. She stepped on her ten-centimeter high heels and slowly took a few steps forward. She looked at Fang Hua directly and ignored the minions around her as she said coldly, "I believe that everyone here already knows who is right and who is wrong in the matter between He Zhenxuan and I, and I have nothing to be guilty about to the He Family and He Zhenxuan!"

Guan Meiyi\'s voice was loud and clear. She stood there coldly, receiving the attention from all directions.

Indeed, the matter between He Zhenxuan and Guan Meiyi had caused a chaos. Many people present were at the charity banquet. They knew clearly how the He family treated Guan Meiyi and how He Zhenxuan, the sc.u.m, treated Guan Meiyi.

Moreover, Guan Meiyi and He Zhenxuan had originally been in a marriage of convenience. Over the years, Guan Meiyi had tried to get a divorce several times, but it was the He family who despicably and shamelessly refused to let Guan Meiyi go.

Now that Guan Meiyi was with Gu Zhiqian, it indeed had nothing to do with the He family and should not be morally kidnapped.

Guan Meiyi continued with a sneer, "As for who gave me the qualifications and courage to stand here, I\'ll have to explain it to you. First of all, I\'m Guan Meiyi! Second, I\'m Guan Meiyi! And finally, I\'m Guan Meiyi! The name Guan Meiyi is the qualification and courage for me to stand here. Now that I\'m standing here, let\'s see who dares to kick me out?"

Hearing Guan Meiyi\'s arrogant words, everyone present took a deep breath.

No one dared to kick her out. Not to mention that she was the most popular celebrity in the country, with tens of millions of fans. With her relationship with the Ruan family and the Ling family, no one dared to do anything to her.

It was obvious how good Guan Meiyi\'s relationship with Ling Tianya was. Ling Tianya was not only Ruan Zeyan\'s wife, she was also the daughter of Lina who was the chairman of the Layna Group. With such a close relationship, it would be troublesome if Guan Meiyi really wanted to take them seriously.

The socialites looked at each other in dismay. They had long been shocked by Guan Meiyi\'s aura, and no longer had the arrogance they had before.

Even Fang Hua\'s face was solemn at this moment with her expression was extremely bad.

Suddenly, Guan Meiyi smiled and glanced at Gu Zhiqian, who was standing beside Old Master Gu not far away. The woman\'s smile was s.e.xy and charming, "As for the greatest qualification and courage for me to stand here, it\'s still this..."

Before Guan Meiyi could finish her words, she had already walked out of the rest area. Everyone\'s eyes followed Guan Meiyi\'s steps.

Guan Meiyi walked to Gu Zhiqian\'s side. Her charming eyes stared at Gu Zhiqian without blinking, and she asked softly, "Are you ready?"

Gu Zhiqian was stunned. He didn\'t understand what Guan Meiyi meant by this. In the next second, Guan Meiyi had already stood on her tiptoe and put her arms around Gu Zhiqian\'s neck with soft red lips accurately kissed on Gu Zhiqian\'s thin lips.