Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1451 - Something He Never Really Know About

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Chapter 1451 - Something He Never Really Know About

Guan Meiyi\'s words left the socialites, who had previously treated her with arrogance and ridicule, speechless.

Because they were indeed like Guan Meiyi had said, cursing Guan Meiyi while keeping an eye on her movements. They would watch her movies when it came out, and read through her news in time, but didn\'t want to admit that they were Guan Meiyi\'s fans, so they didn\'t know what to do with their small faces.

Fang Hua\'s eyes darkened. She didn\'t expect Guan Meiyi to be so calm. With just a few words, she had rendered these women speechless.

Fang Hua was unwilling to give up but she didn\'t want to speak up herself, so she nudged the woman in the white dress.

The woman in the white dress glanced at Fang Hua, then turned around and sneered at Guan Meiyi, "Who would be a fan of a woman like you? You just lost your husband, and you brazenly came here with another man. In the end, you\'re just a s.l.u.t who doesn\'t know how to behave. I wonder who gave you the right and courage to stand here!"

If it was said that Guan Meiyi didn\'t care about the previous ones that she would have easily handled them in a few words. This time, the woman in the white dress\'s words really upset Guan Meiyi.

Moreover, Guan Meiyi also clearly saw Fang Hua\'s sneaky action of pushing the woman in the white dress, which had Guan Meiyi\'s heart turn cold.

The people around heard the words from the woman in the white dress, and everyone turned their eyes to the rest area.

Zhao Huimin had actually been standing not far away from Fang Hua, and she saw everything. She just watched Fang Hua and the other girls defamed Guan Meiyi together. Zhao Huimin was still happy, since Fang Hua was willing to deal with Guan Meiyi, it meant that she still cared about Gu Zhiqian. It was good for Fang Hua to vent her anger on Guan Meiyi and to make her back off.

However, seeing that the conservation was getting louder and louder, the people around were alarmed. Even Old Master Gu, who was greeting the guests with his grandchildren, noticed them and looked over unhappily, his first glance landed on Zhao Huimin.

The warning in Old Master Gu\'s eyes made Zhao Huimin\'s body shiver.

Gu Zhilin looked over and glanced at the silent Gu Zhiqian, "It\'s really a chaos over there. I wonder who\'s there."

"Who else could it be? It\'s our fourth younger brother\'s new girlfriend, the Big Star Guan Meiyi." Gu Zhiming said sarcastically.

"Aiyo, that would be interesting. Fang Hua, the daughter of the Fang family, seems to be there too. I wonder if Miss Fang will be bullied by our Big Star." Gu Zhihuan said as if it was not a big deal.

Old Master Gu\'s face turned darker and darker. He glared at Gu Zhiqian and then stared in the direction of the rest area again.

He cursed Gu Zhiqian and Zhao Huimin in his heart, especially Zhao Huimin. If Zhao Huimin hadn\'t invited Fang Hua here on her own initiative, the situation wouldn\'t have ended up like this. It was also because of Fang Hua\'s arrival that Old Master Gu had some things that he couldn\'t do.

"This idiot!" Old Master Gu cursed.

Gu Zhiqian frowned. Obviously, he knew who Old Master Gu was scolding, and his eyes became unusually cold as he looked at Old Master Gu.

Although he also had a problem with his own mother, but Zhao Huimin was his mother after all, and he would not allow others to insult her as they pleased.

Seeing Gu Zhiqian\'s cold stare, Old Master Gu\'s expression was shocked.

Was it because he had not seen this child for too long?

Why did it feel like his eyes were so penetrating that even an old man like him could not bear it? Or has he never really known his grandson?