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Chapter 1447: Three Little Bastards

Hearing Gu Zhihuan’s words, Old Master Gu was indeed provoked. He glared at Zhao Huimin with unkind expression.

Zhao Huimin was chatting with a familiar madams when she suddenly felt a chill. She turned her head and saw Old Master Gu staring at her with displeasure. And Gu Zhihuan was talking about something beside Old Master Gu.

Zhao Huimin bit her lips. She knew that Gu Zhihuan must not have said anything nice about her. Otherwise, Old Master Gu would not stare at her like that.

Zhao Huimin gritted her teeth and endured it. Just wait and see. When her son took the position as the family head, you three little bastards will be in trouble!

Before Guan Meiyi entered the venue, she could already sense the war-like tension coming from the venue from afar.

Guan Meiyi smiled slightly, wondering how the Gu family would react when the police clarified her relationship with Gu Zhiqian after the incident was over?

Gu Zhiqian let go of Guan Meiyi’s hand and pulled her into his arms, “Stay by my side later. I’ll take care of everything. I won’t let you suffer.”

For some reason, Guan Meiyi felt a warmth in her heart when she heard Gu Zhiqian’s words. Although she knew that her relationship with Gu Zhiqian was just a pretense.

“It’s okay. I’m not made of paper.”Although she felt the warm in her heart, Guan Meiyi still rejected Gu Zhiqian’s good intentions.

Gu Zhiqian raised his eyebrows, “Guan Meiyi, are you born to not know what’s good for you?”

Guan Meiyi looked at Gu Zhiqian, “I’m sorry, this is born to be. But don’t worry, since I’m pretending to be your girlfriend now, I’ll definitely do it to your satisfaction. After all, I’m a professional actress.”

As she said this, Guan Meiyi’s body leaned softly on Gu Zhiqian’s body, and her small hand even rested on Gu Zhiqian’s waist, as if she was immersed in sweet love.

However, Gu Zhiqian felt depressed inside. This damn woman, must she always say the words ‘fake’ and ‘pretend’!

The venue suddenly became quiet when Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi walked in. All the guests present turned their eyes to Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi.

Unexpectedly, Guan Meiyi really dared to come, and Gu Zhiqian was bold enough to bring Guan Meiyi here.

During this period of time, when Old Master Gu was being interviewed or attending social events, he would occasionally reveal his desires to see Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi.

Old Master Gu’s words quickly created a great public opinion in the outside world, causing those who condemned Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian to have even more intense attitudes against them.

At first, everyone thought that Gu Zhiqian would be forced to attend the banquet, but he wouldn’t bring Guan Meiyi along. After all, Guan Meiyi was still the He family’s daughter-in-law in name, and she was He Zhenxuan’s wife.

However, what surprised them was that not only did Gu Zhiqian bring Guan Meiyi along, but the two of them also walked in intimately as if no one was around.

It seemed that the rumors outside were true. Gu Zhiqian already had the idea of leaving the Gu family. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought Guan Meiyi to the party so flagrant without caring about the Old Master and the Gu family.

Fang Hua was originally sitting on a retro sofa in the lounge area, with a few ladies sitting beside her who wanted to get close to her. After all, Fang Hua was different from these socialites from other families. She was going to inherit the Fang family in the future, so it would only be beneficial for them to get closer to her.

Fang Hua was used to being adored and fawned on by others, so she naturally didn’t take these people seriously and just casually dealt with them.

Suddenly, a socialite ran over rashly, “Oh My God, Gu Zhiqian is here!”

Hearing that Gu Zhiqian was here, Fang Hua’s dull eyes suddenly lit up. However, what this socialite said next changed Fang Hua’s expression.

“Gu Zhiqian came with Guan Meiyi!”