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Chapter 1444: Changing Back and Forth

Guan Meiyi had already tidied up and called Gu Zhiqian, wanting to ask him about the situation, but no one picked up the phone. Guan Meiyi had no choice but to take her handbag and knock on Gu Zhiqian’s door.

This was the first time Guan Meiyi came to knock on Gu Zhiqian’s door. Standing outside, she hesitated for a moment and was about to knock when she heard Gu Zhiqian’s slightly hurried voice from inside.

“Guan Meiyi, no! You can’t pee there!”

“Ah! Guan Meiyi, that’s the carpet!”

“Guan Meiyi, your washroom is over there!”

“Guan Meiyi, don’t sit on my clothes. I’m going to wear it later. Don’t you know that you’re losing your hair?”

“Guan Meiyi, oh my… I can’t play with you now. I have to go…”

Outside the door, Guan Meiyi,”…”

Guan Meiyi frowned. What was Gu Zhiqian doing?

However, Gu Zhiqian’s near-collapse voice continued from inside, “Guan Meiyi, don’t lick me!”


Losing Hair?

Lick You?

Guan Meiyi was angry. What was Gu Zhiqian doing!

Therefore, Guan Meiyi pressed the doorbell three times and then slammed the door three times, “Gu Zhiqian, open the door!”

There seemed to be a second of silence inside the door, followed by a series of dog barking and a sound of something falling down.

Guan Meiyi stood outside the door with a puzzled expression. After a long while, the door finally opened.

The first thing that rushed out was a light brown furry little thing. The little thing rushed out and stood at Guan Meiyi’s feet, barking at her.

Guan Meiyi looked closely and saw that it was a mixed-fur puppy. She couldn’t tell what breed the dog was. Its hind legs seemed to be disabled, and it limped while running.

“Guan Meiyi, come back!” Gu Zhiqian’s voice came, and the puppy immediately went back to the inside.

“What did you call it just now?” Guan Meiyi stood at the door with chilling stares, looking at Gu Zhiqian.

“Guan…” Gu Zhiqian raised his head and saw Guan Meiyi with her cold eyes, and his expression froze instantly.

Guan Meiyi was wearing a light yellow dress that wrapped around her chest. The design of the tight fish tail perfectly outlined Guan Meiyi’s exquisite figure. Her skin tone was already light, and under the light yellow colour of the dress, she looked even more pale.

Guan Meiyi had her hair coiled up, with a few hair strands fell down casually, making her look languid and noble.

Gu Zhiqian looked at Guan Meiyi. The two of them were not far from each other, and he could even smell the unique fragrance of the woman, which made his heart flutter.

But then, Gu Zhiqian’s expression froze.

Was this women worrying about having nobody looking at her at the party by dressing like this to the event?

Guan Meiyi was now the goddess in the hearts of many men. What did she want, by dressing-up like this again? !

“Are you going to wear this?” Gu Zhiqian asked coldly.

“Why? Do you have a problem with it?” Guan Meiyi’s tone was also upset. If she heard correctly, Gu Zhiqian kept calling that dog Guan Meiyi. Did this man see her as a dog?

“I do have a problem with that! You’re going there as my girlfriend. You have to wear something that matches me. I’m wearing a black suit today. This color doesn’t match me. Go back and change into a black dress.”

In the end, when Guan Meiyi came out in a black dress, Gu Zhiqian was so angry that even his heart itched. This black dress was not better than the light yellow one at all.

At least the yellow dress was very long and did not expose the legs. Now, this black dress not only wrapped around the chest but also exposed the legs!

Gu Zhiqian stood in the corridor with the dog in his arms. He reached out and touched his nose, “I think the yellow dress looks better. You can change it back.”

Guan Meiyi,”…”