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Chapter 1443: It Was Not Just Because of Luck

Soon, the news of Gu Zhiqian adopting a puppy on the street had spread all over the internet. Ling Tianya flipped through the contents on her phone with a benevolent smile.

“You still say you don’t like Sister Meiyi? You really know how to act!” Ling Tianya put down her phone and saw Ruan Zeyan had already changed into his regular clothes, walking in, “Do you want to go to the Gu Corporation’s anniversary party tomorrow?”

Ling Tianya blinked her eyes. The thought of the Old Master of the Gu family made her feel bad, “I don’t want to go.”

“Then I won’t go. I’ll ask Du Gang to reject it.” Ruan Zeyan didn’t take it seriously. He picked up a book and sat down beside Ling Tianya.

“It’s okay if I don’t go, but is It okay if you don’t go?” No matter what, the Gu family and the Ruan family were family friends. Ruan Zeyan’s absence at the Gu Corporation’s annual party would seem unreasonable.

“There’s nothing inappropriate about it. Who can force me to do anything?” Ruan Zeyan said casually as he lazily hugged Ling Tianya, “The Ruan family and the Gu family are family friends, but the Gu Zhiqian that I befriended with has nothing to do with the Old Master of the Gu family. Gu Zhiqian already had the intention to leave the Gu family, so it doesn’t matter if we are friend with the Gu family or not.”

So that was what Ruan Zeyan was thinking about, but Ling Tianya wasn’t too surprised at it. First, Ruan Zeyan did have the right to do whatever he wanted, and he didn’t need to show too much respect to the old man at all. Second, after a few encounters, Ling Tianya didn’t have a good impression of the old man, he was just an old, conservative man who was extremely chauvinistic and self-centred.

He did things based on his own subjective feelings, but he never thought about things objectively. Ruan Zeyan was a person who had long visions while doing things. Before he became friends with the Gu family, he was a businessman. As a businessman, everything had to be done from the perspective of interests.

Among the heirs of the Gu family, Gu Zhilin and Gu Zhiming didn’t have the brains to do business at all. They only knew how to play tricks and scheme. Ruan Zeyan didn’t need such a partner in the first place, so he didn’t want to have anything to do with them.

In the beginning, without knowing it, he helped Wang Manpeng who pretend to be Gu Zhiqian to seize the position as the head of the Gu family. Now, he could also help Gu Zhiqian break away from the Gu family. In short, the only person he had contact with in the entire Gu family was Gu Zhiqian. If Gu Zhiqian was not in the Gu family, then there was no need for him to have any connections with the Gu family.

Ling Tianya looked up at Ruan Zeyan and pursed her lips into a smile.

This man, although he bullied Gu Zhiqian all day long and always spoke coldly to Gu Zhiqian, but in his heart, he cared about Gu Zhiqian more than anyone else.

Because Gu Zhiqian ignored him, Old Master Gu never got to see Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi as he wished. Old Master Gu also realized that Gu Zhiqian seemed to be gradually out of his control. Speaking of controlling this grandson of him, Gu Zhiqian, he seemed to be more and more powerless.

As a last resort, he could only use the pressure of public opinion to force Gu Zhiqian to bring Guan Meiyi to the Gu family’s anniversary party.

His goal was very simple. He wanted to make Guan Meiyi back off at the party. In all, he couldn’t let Gu Zhiqian have any relationship with this woman. He couldn’t do anything that would affect the Gu family.

Guan Meiyi didn’t want to attend the Gu family’s anniversary party at first. It was obvious that they all had some ill-intentions.

However, she had nothing to be afraid of. She had no expectations for Gu Zhiqian, so there was no despair either. Therefore, when she faced the Gu family, she didn’t have to worry about anything.

At worst, she would just have to deal with whatever came her way. After all, she had seen all kinds of treacherous situations in the entertainment industry. To be able to become the Queen of Zhi Ya Entertainment, it was not just because of luck.