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Chapter 1442: The Poor Little Thing

Gu Zhiqian had already driven some distance away, but his expression was getting more and more serious. He cursed softly, turned the car around, and drove in the direction of the pet store.

At the entrance of the pet store, the staff and volunteers were using loudspeakers to make announcement to onlookers and people who walked by, calling on everyone to adopt instead of buying, and to give these stray babies a warm home.

Such announcement combined with the cute puppies on the display platform quickly attracted many people to stop and watch. However, most of the people only stopped to watch, and only few people went forward to inquire about the condition of the dogs, but they did not make up their minds to adopt them.

This was because these puppies were stray dogs rescued by volunteers. They were not pure breeds, and they did not look as cute as those purebred dogs. Usually, their fur colors were very mixed, and some of them even had diseases or different degrees of disabilities.

These were the reasons why people were reluctant to adopt them. After all, everyone wanted to have a cute and clean purebred dog. Who would want to adopt these stray dogs from unknown breeders?

Even though the staff and volunteers from the pet store repeatedly emphasized that the dogs were bathed, dewormed, examined, and vaccinated, no one was willing to adopt them.

At this moment, a black luxury car stopped at the entrance of the store. Everyone’s attention was attracted by the luxury car, wondering about what the car was doing by parking here.

As the car door opened, everyone was stunned when the people in the car got out.

After being stunned for three seconds, the place was suddenly lit up.

“Oh My God! Isn’t that Gu Zhiqian!”

“Gosh! it’s really Gu Zhiqian!”

“Gu Zhiqian! My Idol, Gu Zhiqian!”

“Gu Zhiqian! Ah! Ah!”

As soon as Gu Zhiqian got out of the car, he was instantly surrounded by the excited crowd.

The man wore sunglasses and waved at the fans who kept coming over. He lifted his leg and walked toward the display stand.

At this moment, the staff and volunteers of the club were stunned. They looked at Gu Zhiqian who was getting closer and closer to them in disbelief. Their eyeballs almost fell out.

Gu Zhiqian walked to the light brown dog and reached out to touch its forehead. The dog seemed to be afraid of Gu Zhiqian or was shocked by the place being suddenly out of control. Seeing Gu Zhiqian’s hand reaching out, it looked at Gu Zhiqian and subconsciously shrank its head back.

Gu Zhiqian’s hand was there, but it did not continue to reach out. The dog saw that Gu Zhiqian was not aggressive, so it reached its head back and gently touched Gu Zhiqian’s hand.

Gu Zhiqian was melted by this fragile little guy who was longing to be loved. A gentle smile appeared on his handsome face. He looked up at the staff member at the side and asked, “Can I adopt it?”

The staff member was stunned and looked at Gu Zhiqian with a shocked expression. Then, they quickly nodded and said, “Yes, of course!”

At this time, the staff member of the store was about to faint. She had never thought that she would meet Best Actor Gu at this event.

The volunteer looked at Gu Zhiqian excitedly and said, “Mr. Gu, according to the rules, we have to get to know your conditions before we can hand the puppy to you.”

Gu Zhiqian nodded his head very cooperatively, but his eyes were fixed on the puppy. This sensitive and fragile little guy really looked like that silly woman.

Because of Gu Zhiqian’s sudden appearance, he instantly caused celebrities effect. Now everyone stood out and expressed their willingness to adopt these poor little things.