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Chapter 1441: Can’t be Bothered with You

Seeing that Gu Zhiqian had clearly heard it, but pretended not to have heard it, Ling Tianya pursed her lips into a smile and fed all the oranges she peeled to the father and son.

Ruan Zeyan ate the oranges that his beloved wife had fed him and looked at Ling Tianya with interest, “Why did you tell Gu Zhiqian about Guan Meiyi’s preferences?”

Ling Tianya pursed her lips into a smile and picked up another orange. As she peeled, she said, “Don’t you see it?”

“See what?”

“Gu Zhiqian likes sister Meiyi! It’s so obvious!” Ling Tianya rolled her eyes at Ruan Zeyan.

“Really?” Ruan Zeyan didn’t really care. After hearing what Ling Tianya said, he felt that Gu Zhiqian really did have that kind of meaning.

“Yeah, Gu Zhiqian is such a proud and unruly person. If he didn’t like Sister Meiyi, why would he agree to the police to play a fake couple with Sister Meiyi? Besides, he was such a person who liked to have fun, so why would he move to an artiste’s apartment for no reason? Also, the matter of him and Meiyi at the Four Seasons Hotel, and for him being a time witness for Meiyi after, as well as him publicly admitting that he was the man that night. Based on my understanding of Gu Zhiqian, if he didn’t like Meiyi, he wouldn’t have done these things. He is the kind who doesn’t like to meddle in other people’s business. He only cares about things involved the people he cares about.”

Ling Tianya was peeling oranges as she talked, but she didn’t notice that the man’s expression was getting worse and worse

Even Little Fantuan noticed that there was something wrong with his father’s expression. He quietly climbed off Ruan Zeyan’s body and ran away, but Ling Tianya didn’t notice it at all.

When she finished peeling an orange and looked up at Ruan Zeyan, she saw that the man was looking at her without blinking, and he didn’t look too good.

“What is it…” Ling Tianya asked dully.

“Ling Tianya, it seems like you know Gu Zhiqian very well.” The man said sarcastically.

Ling Tianya rolled her eyes and knew that the man was jealous again. She grabbed a slice of orange and stuffed it into the man’s mouth, “I can’t be bother with you!”

After that, Ling Tianya stood up and was ready to have a look at Caituan and Routuan.

However, she didn’t even take two steps away before her body was lifted into the air. Ruan Zeyan strode up and carried her in his arms.

“Who did you just say you can’t be bothered witht?” The man’s voice was threatening.

“Aiya!” Ling Tianya kicked her legs, “Let me down!”

The man’s lips curled up in a devilish smile. He carried Ling Tianya and strode towards the room.

Gu Zhiqian drove home. He was still not used to the feeling of driving such a comfortable car, especially when he stepped on the accelerator that it didn’t come in that much power.

The car drove all the way to the apartment. While waiting for the traffic lights, Gu Zhiqian was attracted by the barking of a dog in a pet club on the side of the road.

Turning his head to look, he saw a display stand at the entrance of the pet club, with a few puppies standing on it, and under the display stand were the words “adoption instead of purchase”.

The puppies on the display stand were of different breeds and sizes, and all of them sat there obediently. Gu Zhiqian stared at the puppies on the display stand, and at a glance, he locked onto a long-haired dog of an unknown breed. Its fur was light brown and it has big eyes, with his round nose sniffing the passers walked by.

For some reason, Guan Meiyi suddenly appeared in Gu Zhiqian’s mind when he saw that dog.

At that moment, the red light in front had turned green. The sound of the horn coming from behind made Gu Zhiqian come back to his senses and drive away.