Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1440 - Being Lovey-Dovey Together with the Kids

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Chapter 1440: Being Lovey-Dovey Together with the Kids

Hearing Little Fantuan say that ‘my father is the best in the world’, the smile on Gu Zhiqian’s face froze.

The man pursed his lips, “Ugh… Little Fantuan, you’re making me so sad!”

“My son, of course, is the best with me.” Ruan Zeyan walked in with a cold face.

Seeing Ruan Zeyan walk in, Little Fantuan immediately ran over and hugged Ruan Zeyan’s leg, “Daddy? Hug!”

Ruan Zeyan picked up Little Fantuan in delight, “Do you miss daddy?”


Looking at the interaction between the father and son, Gu Zhiqian pursed his lips, “Tsk, you’re bullying me because I don’t have a child!”

Ruan Zeyan glanced at Gu Zhiqian blandly and sat on the sofa with one hand holding Little Fantuan.

Ling Tianya came down from upstairs after feeding Little Caituan and Routuan and saw that Ruan Zeyan had returned. She also heard Gu Zhiqian’s last sentence.

Ling Tianya pursed her lips into a smile, “If you want children, you can have one yourself.”

“Me? with whom?”

To be honest, Gu Zhiqian really liked children. Every time he saw the three little ones from the Ruan family, he liked them so much that he couldn’t walk. He even wanted to steal the children away when Ruan Zeyan wasn’t around.

“Sister Meiyi.” Ling Tianya said with a smile.

“She…” at the mention of Guan Meiyi, Gu Zhiqian’s face instantly turned unnatural, “It’s not like you don’t know that she and I are faking it…”

“Even a fake one can become true.” Ling Tianya sat next to Ruan Zeyan, and Ruan Zeyan’s other hand naturally pulled Ling Tianya into his arms.

Hearing Ling Tianya say that a fake one could become true, Gu Zhiqian’s expression obviously changed, “What do you mean by having a fake one become true… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Looking at Gu Zhiqian’s expression, Ling Tianya smiled but didn’t say anything. She picked up an orange from the coffee table, and just as she peeled it, a small hand reached out and tapped Ling Tianya on the shoulder, “Mommy! Feed me!”

Looking at Little Fantuan’s open mouth waiting to eat the orange, Ling Tianya peeled one orange piece and fed it to Little Fantuan.

However, Ruan Zeyan tightened his grip on Ling Tianya’s shoulder and looked at her with his deep eyes, “I want one too.”

Ling Tianya,”…”

After feeding the little one, she had to feed the big one now?

So, Ling Tianya fed a few more pieces of orange into Ruan Zeyan’s mouth.

“Daddy, the oranges fed by mommy were very sweet, right?” Little Fantuan smacked his lips and said.

Ruan Zeyan nodded in agreement, “That’s right.”

The father and son looked at Ling Tianya together, waiting for her to feed them.

Ling Tianya,”…”

“Crazy! I’m Going Crazy!” Gu Zhiqian couldn’t take it anymore and jumped up from the sofa, “Hey, I said I didn’t come here to watch you guys spread your lovey-dovey. You have three children already, Can you be considerate to others before you two get lovey-dovey?”

He had seen people who were lovey-dovey, but he had never seen people doing it with their kids together. This family was going too far!

Ruan Zeyan looked at Gu Zhiqian indifferently and spat out a few words coldly, “This is my home.”

What he meant was, if you can’t take it anymore, then get lost!

Gu Zhiqian stood there in extreme desolation. These few days, he always had wild thoughts. Guan Meiyi often appeared in his mind for no reason, and he couldn’t help but want to knock on Guan Meiyi’s apartment door. Gu Zhiqian thought that something must have happened to him. Instead of thinking too much, he might as well find something for himself to do. Thus, he came to the Ruan Manor, wanting to play with his godson.

But it turned out that he suffered such a blow!

“Well done! Well done!” With that, Gu Zhiqian couldn’t stay any longer and turned around to leave.

Gu zhiqian only took a few steps when Ling Tianya’s voice came from behind him, “Sister Meiyi likes small animals, especially dogs! She likes Mocha, super sweet macarons, and strawberry chocolate!”

Gu Zhiqian stopped, then pretended not to hear her and left the manor.