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Chapter 1437: It was All about Obession

In order to not embarrass himself, Gu Zhiqian deliberately ignore Guan Meiyi’s question, and looked at Zhao Huimin instead, “Mom, if you have anything to say, talk to me. Don’t harass her.”

“I harass her?” Zhao Huimin felt wronged, “Everything I did was for you. If you’re with her, you’ll never get the position of the head of the Gu family. Only Fang Hua is the best choice for you. Believe in Mom, son. Marry Fang Hua and leave her!”

Fang Hua?

Guan Meiyi raised her eyebrows and looked at Gu Zhiqian. She finally understood what he meant when he said that he was pretending to be a couple to help him get out of trouble.

When Gu Zhiqian was stared by Guan Meiyi, he actually felt a sense of panic. He didn’t want Guan Meiyi to misunderstand anything, so he said to Zhao Huimin, “I’ve said more than once that I don’t care about the position of the head of the Gu family at all. As long as you would like to, Mom, we can leave the Gu family at any time. Why are you so obsessed with the position of the head of the Gu Family? If I, Gu Zhiqian, leave the Gu family, I can be my own head. What’s the difference between that and the so-called head of the Gu Family?”

Zhao Huimin shook her head, “It’s not the same, how can it be the same! To begin with, you’re the descendant of the Gu family, so you should deserve everything of the Gu family. Even if you don’t become the head of the Gu family, you still have a share of the inheritance. In the future, the Gu family will also have a share of you. If you insist on being with Guan Meiyi, you won’t be able to get anything!”

Damn! She had become a femme fatale.

Guan Meiyi thought to herself, wondering if she should tell Ling Tianya about the all these drama after this was over to see if it would be of any help to her future writing.

Guan Meiyi couldn’t stay any longer, so she said to Gu zhiqian, “I think I’d better leave first. You and Auntie should have a good talk.”

She was an outsider after all, and she had no interest in getting involved in the Gu family’s affairs.

Guan Meiyi turned to leave, but Gu Zhiqian grabbed her hand, “I’ll go with you.”

Gu Zhiqian was speechless to his mother. She kept saying that she was fighting for him, but he had already made it clear that he didn’t care about anything in the Gu family. So who was she fighting for?

Even Zhao Huimin herself didn’t know whether she was fighting for Gu Zhiqian or for herself. In short, she had been living like this for decades, making Gu Zhiqian the head of the family had become the only goal and obsession in her heart. And she couldn’t give it all up over night.

“Zhiqian! Listen to me, that woman will hurt you! Guan Meiyi, let go of my son. You are not a good match for him. Fang Hua is the best match!” Zhao Huimin shouted behind Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi.

Gu Zhiqian did not stop, nor did he pay attention to Zhao Huimin’s yelling. He held Guan Meiyi’s hand and walked out, with a hint of anger on his body.

They were outside now, although Guan Meiyi was unhappy, she could only cooperate with Gu Zhiqian and pretend to be his girlfriend. She let him hold her hand and left in front of everyone.

Gu Zhiqian silently held Guan Meiyi’s hand all the way to the parking lot and walked toward a Bugatti sports car not far away.

“… I drove here…” Guan Meiyi was wearing high heels. She started to catch her breath as she was being held by Gu Zhiqian, walking fast.

“Shut up!” Gu Zhiqian scolded Guan Meiyi coldly. He seemed to feel that she was catching her breath, so he slowed down his pace without being too obvious.