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Chapter 1435: Things Didn’t Go as Planned

Because Gu Zhiqian had become an actor, Old Master Gu’s prejudice against him was even greater. For the sake of their inheritance rights, Gu Zhilin and Gu Zhiming spared no effort to trample on Gu Zhiqian in front of Old Master Gu.

Gu Zhiqian had mentioned to Zhao Huimin more than once that he wanted to take her away from the Gu family. But Zhao Huimin was reluctant to it. Her son deserved the Gu family’s wealth and assets, so why should he leave? She could not leave. She wanted to stay and protect everything that belonged to him, Gu Zhiqian.

In fact, sometimes, even Zhao Huimin herself could not tell if she was protecting Gu Zhiqian or herself.

Zhao Huimin saw Gu Zhilin, Gu Zhiming, and Gu Zhihuan acting in front of Old Master Gu every day. Zhao Huimin was angry. She was even more angry at why Gu Zhiqian did not think of her and did not come to earn the Gu family’s wealth, and when it came to acting, no one was a match for Gu Zhiqian.

However, one day, Old Master Gu was seriously ill, and Gu Zhiqian seemed to have suddenly realized something. He took the initiative to return to the Gu family and began to compete with Gu Zhilin and the others.

Although Zhao Huimin felt strange seeing Gu Zhiqian like this, she was happy in her heart. In the end, Gu Zhiqian actually defeated Gu Zhilin and Gu Zhiming and successfully made Old Master Gu give the position of family head to him.

Zhao Huimin felt that she was finally able to hold her head high and walk confidently in the Gu family. She felt the pleasure of being the head of the family, even the Old Master’s attitude towards her had changed.

All these changes made Zhao Huimin feel good. She had a good sleep, a good mood, and was happy every day. This was the life she wanted to live ever since she married into the Gu family.

However, God seemed to always like to joke with her. The son that she was so proud of was not her biological son, but was disguised by a person called Wang Manpeng in order to take revenge on the Ruan family.

In the end, Wang Manpeng died. He was killed by the explosives strapped to his own body. Zhao Huimin was there at the time. At that time, she was very glad that the real Gu Zhiqian was fine, and her biological son had returned to her side.

However, what she did not expect was that after Wang Manpeng’s death, Old Master Gu actually took back Gu Zhiqian’s position as the head of the family. The reason was that the person who had taken over the position at that time was not Gu Zhiqian himself.

However, Gu Zhiqian did not fight for himself either so that Old Master Gu could take back his position as he wished.

Zhao Huimin’s life seemed to have fallen to the bottom once again. She was unwilling to give up. She had already taken over the power of the family, but now she had to return it.

Seeing Gu Zhilin and the others make a comeback and start to speak coldly to her again, and Old Master Gu’s attitude toward her was even worse than before. The differences made in her heart was too overwhelming. She once again rejected Gu Zhiqian’s request to leave the Gu family. She was Mrs. Gu, and her son was the child of the Gu family. Why should they leave here?

Zhao Huimin thought of every possible way to win a place for Gu Zhiqian in the Gu family. She wanted to build a family for Gu Zhiqian, hoping once he had a family, he would probably stop thinking about other things but focusing on the Gu family’s business. In the end, it backfired, and by an odd coincidence, Gu Zhiqian was involved with Guan Meiyi.

At that moment, Fang Hua returned to the country. Old Master Gu wanted to have marriage alliance with the Fang family. The only suitable candidate was Gu Zhiqian. Zhao Huimin thought that her chance had finally come. As long as Gu Zhiqian married Fang Hua, then with the Fang family as his in-laws and the Ruan family, Old Master Gu would anyways reconsider the choice of the family head.