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Chapter 1433: Why Don’t You Understand

The butler followed Old Master Gu’s instructions and called Gu Zhiqian to inform him to bring Guan Meiyi back to the Gu family. Not long after, the butler walked back with an unpleasant expression and started stuttering while facing Old Master Gu.

“What are you doing? If you have something to say, say it!” Old Master Gu had completely lost his patience at this time. Seeing the butler stuttering, he had basically guessed the result.

“Young Master said that he… doesn’t have time…” the butler stammered. This was the reason that Gu Zhiqian often used to brush Old Master Gu off.

Although he had already anticipated the result, when Old Master Gu heard this, he was still furious. He heavily hammered the crutch in his hand twice, “Bastard! HMPH!”

As he said this, Old Master Gu stood up in anger. He fiercely glared at Zhao Huimin and then directly walked towards the study.

The show was over. Gu Zhilin, Gu Zhiming, and Gu Zhihuan had no interest in staying any longer. After all, Old Master Gu was no longer around, so they didn’t have to put on the act.

Thus, the three siblings stood up one by one. Gu Zhilin glanced at Zhao Huimin and said coldly, “Little Mom, you have to discipline Zhiqian properly. Don’t make grandpa angry all the time.”

After saying that, Gu Zhilin headed straight to Old Master Gu’s study. He still had to pretend to be filial as a grandson.

Gu zhiming shook his head and mocked Zhao Huimin, “Little Mom, I think the current Zhiqian is not as good as the fake one from before. What’s his name… Oh right, Wang Manpeng! Ugh… If that Wang Manpeng didn’t die and continued to pretend to be Gu Zhiqian, Little Mom, would you not have so much trouble now? well I guess you can’t help it as you gave birth to the child.”

Hearing Gu Zhiming’s words, Zhao Huimin’s face immediately darkened, and she sat there trembling with anger.

Gu zhiming looked at Zhao Huimin’s appearance, pursed his lips and smiled, and walked away.

Gu Zhihuan looked at Fang Hua, who was sitting there with a cold face, “Miss Fang, if I were you, I wouldn’t be so eager to be on Gu Zhiqian’s side. There is nothing wrong with throwing yourself to a peron, but you have to see if this person is worth it!”

After saying that, Gu Zhihuan laughed out loud and walked away while laughing.

Fang Hua pursed his lips tightly, his eyes filled with anger and viciousness. She was the only heir of the Fang family after all, and now Gu Zhihuan publicly said that she was throwing herself at him!

The more Fang Hua thought about it, the angrier he got. Especially when she thought about the sweet interaction between Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi on TV just now, she felt like she was being slapped in the face, and her face was on fire!

This was the first time Fang Hua had suffered such an embarrassment.

Fang Hua couldn’t take it anymore and stood up with a whoosh. Without even saying goodbye to Zhao Huimin, she directly walked out.

Seeing Fang Hua leave with anger, Zhao Huimin quickly stood up and went after her, “Fang Hua, don’t be angry. Listen to auntie, Zhiqian, he…”

“Auntie, don’t say anymore! I, Fang Hua, have never been humiliated like this before!”

Fang Hua strode forward while Zhao Huimin chased after her relentlessly. Fang Hua was the only way for Gu Zhiqian to gain the favor of the old master, and Zhao Huimin did not want to give up just like that, “Fang Hua, don’t worry. Both auntie and the Old Master like you. We have already decided that you are the real daughter-in-law of the Gu family. Guan Meiyi will never be able to enter the Gu family!”

Fang Hua stopped in her tracks and looked coldly at Zhao Huimin, “Auntie, why don’t you understand? I don’t want the position as the Gu family’s daughter-in-law. I want Gu Zhiqian and his heart! Alright, enough talking. I want to go home!”

With that, Fang Hua broke free from Zhao Huimin’s hand and quickly got into the car, leaving the Gu family mansion.