Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1432 - This is the Good Son You Gave Birth to

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Chapter 1432: This is the Good Son You Gave Birth to

Gu Zhiqian wanted to completely get rid of the Gu family more than once. With his wealth and ability, he could bring Zhao Huimin to live a life that with nothing less than with the Gu family.

All these years, although Gu Zhiqian had always been in the entertainment industry, he had secretly invested in real estate and the catering industry. Now, Gu Zhiqian’s own business was doing well, therefore, from the beginning to the end, he did not put the Gu family’s assets in his eyes, so he was never restrained by the Gu family’s shackles.

He also wanted Zhao Huimin to move out of the Gu family’s mansion more than once, so that the mother and son could completely leave the Gu family and have a life outside freely.

However, Zhao Huimin was reluctant to accept it. In Zhao Huimin’s mind, Gu Zhiqian was her son, the legitimate grandson and heir of the Gu family. What Gu Zhilin, Gu Zhiming, and Gu Zhihuan had, Gu Zhiqian was naturally entitled to as well.

Therefore, no matter how much Gu Zhiqian tried to persuade her, Zhao Huimin refused to move out of the Gu family mansion. She believed that as long as she was still living in the Gu family mansion, she was the lady of the Gu family. She had to watch for Gu Zhiqian, guarding the things that should have belonged to him.

Because of Zhao Huimin’s persistence and obsession, Gu Zhiqian was unable to completely leave the Gu family for the time being.

Zhao Huimin thought that she was defending the Gu family for Gu Zhiqian, but she did not know that her actions had indirectly made her the hostage that the Gu family held against Gu Zhiqian. No matter what Gu Zhiqian was doing, he would always put in mind that his mother was still in the Gu family. In order to make Zhao Huimin feel better, Gu Zhiqian would occasionally cooperate with grandfather Gu on some matters.

Originally, Zhao Huimin had specially invited Fang Hua over today in order to curry favor with Old Master Gu. Old Master Gu was very happy to see Fang Hua’s arrival. Seeing that Fang Hua treated Zhao Huimin very well, Old Master Gu also smiled at Zhao Huimin a few times which rarely happened before.

Zhao Huimin could see that such a harmonious scene had made Gu Zhilin and his siblings very uncomfortable.

Just as Zhao Huimin was feeling pleased with herself, Gu Zhihuan, who was browsing her phone, suddenly told her the matter between Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi. At first, Zhao Huimin was still very angry. She thought that Gu Zhihuan was deliberately trying to sow discord between Gu Zhiqian, Old Master Gu, and Fang Hua, so she said a few words to Gu Zhihuan to retort.

However, what Zhao Huimin didn’t expect was that it was actually true. And now it was even reported on TV.

Zhao Huimin was completely dumbfounded. She sat there and did not even dare to breathe. She was even more embarrassed to look at Fang Hua next to her.

The three siblings of Gu Zhilin who had previously been envious of her, had now found an opportunity to sow discord and ridicule. Each and every one of them spared no effort to instigate.

Zhao Huimin gritted her teeth but could not say anything to refute.

Old Master Gu’s face was cold. He reached out and called the butler, “Go and call Gu Zhiqian. Tell him to come back immediately!”

“Yes.”Just as the butler was about to make the call, he was stopped by Old Master Gu.

“Wait a minute!” Old Master Gu paused. His eyes flickered with a dark light, “Ask him to bring Guan Meiyi together!”

“Yes.” The butler received the order and turned to call Gu Zhiqian.

Zhao Huimin gritted her teeth and raised her head. She turned to look at Fang Hua, who had an unsightly expression, and then looked at Old Master Gu, “Daddy, Zhiqian must be just playing around. Please don’t take it seriously. He used to dislike Guan Meiyi the most, so why is he with Guan Meiyi Now? Even if he is, it must be Guan Meiyi who seduced him. It must be like this!”

“Shut up!” Old Master Gu didn’t give Zhao Huimin any respect at all. He scolded her directly in front of all the juniors and servants present, “This is the good son you gave birth to!”